A reading of Zhang Shousheng: the three identity of a scientific teenager, a top physicist, and an investor

 A reading of Zhang Shousheng: the three identity of a scientific teenager, a top physicist, and an investor This article comes from: Tencent science and technology, author: Dun white, the Star daily is authorized to forward.

In December 6th, the Zhang Shousheng family issued a statement confirming the news of the death of Chinese American scientist Zhang Shousheng in December 1st.

Zhang Shousheng died of depression. The Zhang Shousheng family in the obituary said, “when we get this shocking news, we are deeply grateful for the support and condolences of all of us.”

Who is Zhang Shousheng? What contributions have scientists made? It will help you understand a complete Zhang Shousheng through this article that knows the “big white” of the user.

The following is the full text of the article that is known to the user.

In 2010, he won the European prize for physics.

In 2012, he won the Oliver Barkley prize for the highest prize in condensed state physics in the United States.

The Dirac prize was awarded in 2012.

In 2014, he won the Franklin prize in the United States.

Who won these awards, who did you make it? They have a common name, called Zhang Shousheng. He has been awarded the prize by Thomson Reuters for many years, and the prize is probably just a matter of time. I hope it’s not like Haruki Murakami did with the prince all his life.

First, the teenager in the attic

In 1963, Zhang Sheng was born in Shanghai. The Cultural Revolution had not been started yet, but the cultural revolution, which began in 66 years, has also made him learn to do nothing, the roomy and roomy Huangpu River, but not a desk.

No way, he can only hide in the attic. In the daytime, he looked at the quotations and instructions of all the leaders in the school, and only when he came home in the evening was his. Or, it belongs to his attic. It seems that everyone has a wonderful place like the attic. Zhang Shousheng found his grandfather’s College Diploma in the attic, and many odd books, from Kant to Hagel, from Da Vinci to Luo Dan, from Chen Ning Yang to Li Zhengdao, from art to science. In that time, reading was useless, even dangerous. A child who is reading a book may be put on the hat of a school. It’s good for Zhang Sheng to have a attic. His childhood had been placed in the attic and placed in the seemingly meaningless books. Reading, sometimes just an instinct. Only the free and unrestricted reading is the true reading.

But because he loves reading, he also has some trouble. Some students like to play with this “bookworm”. Although his parents have been engineers, they now have to do the work of the workers, and no one can protect the little Sheng, who is bullied by his classmates. This will let Xiao Sheng shun the world of one’s own, and escape into the wonderful attic.

In 1976, Xiao Sheng was 13 years old. The attic outside the world has changed a day, fresh and interesting information and material to stimulate the nerve of everyone, but only leaked down the little Sheng. This year, his father bought him a high school self-study textbook, mathematical physics and chemistry, and so on. By this book, he passed the college entrance examination in 1978 two years later. Of course, it was the first session of the college entrance examination after the cultural revolution. He was only 15 years old this year.

Later Zhang Shousheng said: “my junior high school is very poor. If you read the ordinary high school in a regular way, maybe the result is not the same as it is today. The achievement of life is always related to the choice of your crossroads.” The college entrance examination allowed junior high school students to attend, and there were only 10 places in each area. This makes the attic young man eager. He once said: “my uncle’s College annual book has a vivid description of the University. I was very looking forward to college life since I was a child.” Although I am a junior high school student, but under the circumstances, high school students do not have more knowledge than me, so it is still a little confident. ” But if it doesn’t work, you don’t have a chance to go to high school. This is the first adventure in Zhang Sheng’s life. After a heated discussion, his parents agreed with him. In this way, one careless, after the college entrance examination, he entered the place where his grandfather had been, Fudan University. That year, the college entrance examination changed the fate of many people, including Zhang Shousheng. It has to be said that Zhang Cheng is indeed a “genius” in some degree.

 A reading of Zhang Shousheng: the three identity of a scientific teenager, a top physicist, and an investor

Two. College students who have not been in high school

At Fudan, he only went to school for a year. Why? Because of his excellent performance in the college entrance examination, he has been established as a candidate for studying in Germany as soon as he enters the school. Is it not that life depends on the relationship, isn’t it?

He chose the physics department when he was in college. This is because, “in junior high school, in a very closed case, we all know that Chen Ning Yang and Li Zhengdao won the Nobel prize for a great deal of relief for the Chinese nation.” In college, the choice of theoretical physics is the power of their example. ” It can be seen that it is not the knowledge that can guide the science of science, but the people. Of course, at this time Zhang Sheng did not know that he would have an extraordinary fate with Chen Ning Yang in the future.

Room 11, Room 303, roommate 8. In this cramped environment, Zhang Shousheng continued his thirsty reading career. Of course, the same is true of the people around them. As he said, “when I was in junior high, I felt very lonely because I liked reading and everyone was disinterested. After the Fudan, everyone was eager to study, and there were a lot of good friends. The introverted Zhang Cheng began to become an extrovert, and the second term head teacher flickered him to Tongji for German training. A year later, in 1980, Zhang Shousheng, who had no high school diploma and no college diploma, embarked on a trip to Germany.

When Zhang Sheng arrived in West Berlin, the Berlin wall was still standing. In the eastern Berlin University, some teachers and students came to the West Berlin for freedom and built the Free University Berlin. Free University Berlin is worthy of its name, and the motto is “true, fair, free”. Zhang Shousheng was only 17 years old this year. He did not make himself completely free in the Free University. He spent only three years working on a five year school system. But Zhang Shousheng, after his study, was still a bit confused.

At the Free University Berlin he studied theoretical physics, the major of Li Zhengdao and Chen Ning Yang. But he was at a loss near his graduation. The employment of theoretical physics is too narrow. “I was quite confident, but the worries between my classmates had an impact on me. In 1981, I began to think about the future.” In his summer vacation, he hitchhiking in Germany in order to relax his anxiety. The romantic trip, like a knight, had an important impact on Zhang Shousheng’s choice of life.

By chance, he went to University of Gottingen. There was a cemetery next to the University of Gottingen, which buried a lot of physicists. The most peculiar thing is that there is no epitaph on the tombstone of everyone, only one of the formulas he discovered in his life. For example, Heisenberg’s tombstone is an uncertainty principle, Born’s tombstone is a wave function, and Otto Hahn’s tombstone is a nuclear reaction formula. “A simple tombstone, a simple and universal formula, this is the highest state of life. From then on, I decided to contribute my life’s energy to the research of physics, especially in theoretical physics. ” Several tombstones shocked the young Zhang Shousheng, and from then on, Zhang Shung decided to take the road of scientific research. “What do you want to leave in this life?” It’s enough to leave a formula.

 A reading of Zhang Shousheng: the three identity of a scientific teenager, a top physicist, and an investor

Three. Not a disciple of Chen Ning Yang’s successor

When he was studying at the Free University Berlin, Zhang Shousheng regarded the theory of great unity as his academic goal. Because it was Einstein’s career and Chen Ning Yang’s field. But when he really became a disciple of Chen Ning Yang, Chen Ning Yang did not support his ideas. At the New York State University of Stony Creek at New York State University, Mr. Zhang recommends Zhang Sheng to engage in condensed matter physics. The reason is that this thing is in the ascendant and the development is very fast. It is very suitable for the young people to do it. And this is not Chen Ning Yang’s field.

Although initially puzzled, but Zhang Sheng still went to do it. In 1987, after going abroad for 7 years, he finally got his doctorate. He did not apply for a teaching post immediately after graduation, but he was a senior researcher at IBM. At this time, he had been deeply ploughed for years in the field of semiconductors, and was greatly appreciated by Zhu Diwen, the director of the Department of physics at the Stanford University. Then he went to Standford in 1993, and Zhang Shousheng, at the age of 33, was rated as Standford’s tenured professor in 1996.

In 2006, Zhang Sheng put forward the material realization scheme of the topological insulator theory. What is the topological insulator? In a word, it is an insulator, and the whole is not conductive. But on the edge or surface of the object, there are always areas of electrical conductivity. The edge conductivity can be stable under certain conditions, because the electron spin in the different direction of motion is the opposite, and the information can be transmitted through the spin of the electron. It’s still a lot of trouble. In a word, you know it’s very complex, very sharp and very powerful.

First, the quantum spin Holzer effect was first proposed. Of course, this is also the first prediction of the existence of Zhang Sheng. To understand this theory is more difficult, you first have to understand the Holzer effect, and then understand the quantum Holzer effect, and so on… In a word, you know, the quantum spin Holzer effect does not require the low temperature and strong magnetic field of the quantum Holzer effect, so save electricity and save our electronic devices, such as computer phones, less power consumption and less heat dissipation. (layman, please point out)

In conclusion, because these two theories found, Zhang Shousheng won the European physics academy award in 2010, the Oliver Barkley and Dirac prize for the highest prize in condensed physics issued by the American Physics Society in 2012, and the Franklin prize in the United States this year. According to the law, the quantum Holzer effect and the fractional quantum Holzer effect have won the Nobel prize. Will the quantum spin effect continue the myth?

 A reading of Zhang Shousheng: the three identity of a scientific teenager, a top physicist, and an investor

Four. Not a poor teacher’s Investor

The cowboy is busy, and Zhang Shousheng is busy, too. He does not only do scientific research cattle force, when the teacher is forced, his students will soon spread all over the world, and when he is a professor, he is not weak. And he’s not a poor craftsman, either. In Standford, he is not only a professor, but also a joint founder of the Huayuan science and Technology Association. He is an entrepreneur mentor in Standford, an angel investor, and a number of entrepreneurs who have succeeded in investing. In 2013, the Zhongguancun development group co founded the Danhua capital, the company focused on the investment in the Standford background. Some people say that people who devote themselves to scientific research should be able to endure loneliness, endure poverty, and live a lifetime.

Zhang Shousheng’s today, no lack of money, no lack of career, nor lonely. As long as he can live to 80, he will have 30 years to wait for Nobel. Although he is a American, but if he can win the prize is the first Nobel prize winner with Chinese education background after the founding of the people’s Republic.

Oh, that’s right. He seems to believe in Christianity. In fact, it’s nothing. Who says scientists can’t believe? Religion is, to a certain extent, a tool to soothe the mind. Of course, don’t just look at his American status. A nationality can not change anything. He is also a scholar of the Yangtze River at the Tsinghua University, and thousands of people plan to be selected.

Zhang Shousheng once said, “for a person, the most valuable thing is to have curiosity with a lifetime.” What does inspiration come from? From your daily accumulation, and your curiosity and imagination. If only the accumulation of curiosity and imagination, then there will be no inspiration. Chen Ning Yang once told Zhang Shousheng, “the pursuit of poetry is to use two sentences to explain the complex feelings, and science is also the pursuit of a simple formula to describe all the natural phenomena. Art and science are interlinked, and F=ma ‘and’ E=MC2 ‘are the most beautiful verses of nature. ” In books, you can only learn knowledge, you can’t learn curiosity and imagination, and the idea of art and science. It is easy and easy to say, it is difficult to say difficult. Innovation is the first to dare to be the world.

Zhang Shousheng is still the young attic of the year. Because he has his own world view, he always keeps the curiosity like a young man. Maybe that’s the secret of his success.

Looking at the story of Zhang Shousheng, what is the inspiration for you to have wood? If you give the same opportunity, can you do the same? Who knows?

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