A repeat of Utopian promises, a dream like a smoke, just like the same year, a 25 year Internet observer’s reflection

Editor’s note: This article from the block connection (ID:tzcode), compiled: Rafael, author: Andrew Leonard. Authorized reprint by the daily planet Odaily.

The translator:

The centralization of desire, endless greed, for the same kind of oppression and strong desire to control, these human weaknesses can only rely on their own reflection and action to solve, rather than relying on external technology to solve. Block chain as a “trust machine”, for these weaknesses incapable of action. The machine is a machine, the machine itself does not bring about trust, trust can not be divorced from the human self.

Block chain as a new technology, a new calculation model, like any technology tools and the history of human beings, against the weakness at the same time, can also magnify the weakness. We must remember that tools are just tools, the tool itself cannot eliminate weaknesses. Iron, gunpowder, steam, electricity, nuclear technology, and the Internet is the definition of artificial intelligence, bring productivity change at once and human weakness produce chemical reaction, all with devastating force.

Repeat for eye for Jiangshan, wind and rain into chaos and buildings, as in the early utopian and Internet commitment in the same face delivered from oppression. Andrew Leonard, standing in the 25 year history of the mottled time, tells us that not far away but already strange legends, of course, and his personal feeling.

The original Medium, original title: The Blockchain Is a Reminder of the Internet s Failure. “

Author introduction:

Andrew Leonard, born in 1962, American journalist. Internet media 25 year veteran, played for the San Francisco Bay guardian, Salon.com, Medium, wired media. New York Times has said that the history of social change in his works “records the Internet with humorous attitude”.


I remember the day I fall in love with the Internet now, just remember my child’s birth as clear. Go back to the summer of 1993, when I was in San Francisco Bay Guardian reporter, my editor sent me an article on the California Oakland animation conference reports. I asked the organizers of the meeting, where can I find some of the animation Indoorsman interview. Conference organizers said they chat on the internet”.

I did not have access to the Internet, but I have a demodulator and CompuServe account, I was with my uncle by e-mail communication. After wandering in the CompuServe Animation Forum for an hour, a change of my life suddenly appeared. I immediately realized that the world of the Internet is a great tool, will be reported to produce disruptive change to the news. In that short period of one hour, I learned more about the knowledge of animation, more than all the content within a week through a telephone interview learned to call one by one. I’ll know that I must be out of the limit of CompuServe, to explore the wider world of the internet.

From that day, I would head into the Internet world. Less than a week, I figured out how to use my wife in UC Berkerly ‘account, by Telnet, gopher and FTP roaming in the original “Net” on the internet. In this year, I left the San Francisco Bay guardian, leaving just before the finished cover story “how to connect to the Internet”. After that, I started a new connection (Wired) magazine writing.

I love the internet. But 25 years later, when I see the block chain is a new generation of Internet “this sentence rolling on Twitter, I think those years mottled news outline before shook my big, low growl” you guys have not learned from the history of what?!”

I have also technical belief, why not? Dream of science fiction has become a reality, the library was incorporated into the vast body of knowledge network in the world. I am not a liberal, but I admit I agree with John Gilmore’s statement cypherpunks, namely “network will review the explanation for the destruction and circumvent censorship route, totalitarian, enterprises and the media monopoly overlord beware! Your happy days are over! The Internet makes us free!”

I love the internet. But 25 years later, I saw the “block chain is a new Internet” this sentence is rolling in the Twitter, I have to say, I hate the blockchain. This is not because I become technolatry traitor, not because I am too old, don’t understand the new trend of the world. I just want to say, if the block chain is really a new Internet, us.

We first need to clarify some of the issues. Not because I questioned the technical advantages of distributed database encryption security fundamentally and hate chain block. I’m not because of “ICO” and hate blockchain, although ICO from the beginning of the slogan: “raising venture capital in innovative ways, and do not sell your soul to the venture capitalists” became notorious repute; ICO has now become questioned: “before closing the door in the safety supervision mechanism, to quickly the speed of a whole generation of investors cheated money”.

I am not even because bitcoin mining large amounts of power into speculative gambling, thus speeding up the climate deterioration and hate chain block. Because there are a lot of smart people in infrastructure is committed to build the chain block, a lot of capital is coming into the field. I admit, some useful applications will appear, make my life more convenient, without destroying the planet. A few years from 1 to Mosaic, Netflix, iPhone, Spotify. For the application of the blockchain, there are a lot of time.

My problem and actual technology doesn’t matter. I complain about the technology itself is human trust. In the heyday of the Internet, there are also a utopian promise of freedom, justice and equality of the society in the future — these are also now each bitcoin miner mantra.

The real fanatic passion around Splash: block chain will make us free”.

However, if there is one thing we should be from the past 25 years to learn words, that is Digital network, computer code and does not solve the restless and lonely broken, human beings. As time goes by, and people expect the opposite seems more and more likely situation. The development of the Internet applied pressure but brazenly tore some long-standing social rift.

We did not enter the so-called “all human knowledge of the essence of Library”, but eventually became Borges predicted “the library of Babel” card members: This is an infinite loop (infinite loops of nightmare) nightmare, which store the human population every possible and very absurd reality talk rubbish, with real, true writing language.

The Internet does not lead us to the truth, but gives everyone a incomparable opportunity to build their own personal authority of the world, to promote the social comprehensive out from facts and truth from the absurd to. This is undoubtedly a factor in the rise of Trump, is also a factor to the global publicity oriented authoritarian.

History always repeats, with its own rhythm. Block chain technology development, not only let the world get rid of corporate and government control, but to thecentralization have left the history of the most powerful and most versatile monitoring tools.

I had the most intelligent block chain developers do not deny the development of the Internet has brought the horrible facts. Instead, let them in the future the most exciting is that they believe that block chain technology is the Internet without all the toxic disease state release antidote. They believe that once they are about a completely decentralized, indestructible, intelligent technology contract execution dream to be perfect, the central bank and government tyranny will become incapable of action, will be beyond national borders, voting fraud and false news will become impossible. In their view, a block chain is the only technology on the model, through the technology to improve the progress of human civilization.

The core of this vision is such an idea, that is human weakness and confusion by groups of exquisite design code is abstracted. In the “system to trust”, public key encryption and distributed database and the “consensus” eliminates the possibility of any intermediary fraud, corruption and exploitation implement. Intelligent contract will automatically execute any transaction terms, and not because of the impetuous or in trouble. The tyrant will be powerless against the currency funded by encryption in the network encryption freedom fighters.

This is their theory. But it ignores the essential weakness and groups about their own confusion, an indisputable fact, the fact of any study of the history of technology is obviously, only in the past 25 years has proven countless times. The fact is: living, breathing the air of the human will do things will do bad things, you can go to achieve freedom at the same time to implement the tyranny of technology may be either side of the coin and service. In history, in order to greed and power, even pure chaos to deploy any conceivable Technology on case.

The Internet gives a white supremacist for decades has been denied the sound of chance, nor what can prevent them to figure out how to use block chain technology to deal with prejudice. The contract will be tested in human intelligence on the court, regulators will use more advanced technology for supervision.

“To the center” is the first commandment blockchain teach. But William Butler Yeats tells us what will happen when the center does not exist “? All fall apart. (Things fall apart)!

I respect the ideal block chain developers, I believe that they sincerely believe that they are building a better world. But I am very confused, they did not see that they are victims of hackers in the fallacy of the pioneers. This idea that we can from our deep holes to code, continue to dig, and then to the new world. The fact is that we are creating a Utopia in our virtual world, a fantasy Utopia can skillfully eliminate the defects of human nature.

In my opinion, it is increasingly apparent that we need to spend less time to abstract and products of our humanity (this is the recommended algorithm do), and spend more time to live the life of a conversation. We need to figure out how to unite, not to find the devolution of power itself. In order to successfully overcome human weakness, we must spend more time with humans and confront these weaknesses, and they get along better. Instead of the time spent in reading on our intelligent mobile phone.

I understand that “block chain is a new Internet” impulse. “Mid 90s is a dazzling period, exciting impact across the whole society, rapid changes in amazing let anything happen in recent memory is feeble. If you have the experience of the explosion and shock waves, you can understand the kind of exciting. Steve Jobs called the “heart bicycle” computer through global networks connected together, promised to take us wherever we want to go.

Passion and dreams eventually dissipate, but a lot of people earn a lot of money through digital new infrastructure. So, who do not want to go back to the era of optimism? The Internet has brought peace and love. Dude, great. This is why I so love the internet. Love comes from the possibility, the feeling of hope and progress. But this is why I hate the blockchain. Because it reminds me of those promises that is so unreal.

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