A summary of block chain in 2018: from the revelry to the front of the world

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Editor’s note: This article from the block BlockBeats (ID:BlockBeats), rhythm rhythm block BlockBeats Author: 0x28, authorized to release the daily planet.

A lot of things happened in 2018: a wine event, then reveal the truth of doctors was eventually forced to the mysterious power of insanity; fake vaccine event, called the longevity of the fake vaccine manufacturing enterprises still in normal operation; the car drops death events, live the life of dead only drops expelled from the customer service supervisor should pay attention to the real life; and events. When the tenant lives in suspense freely further announced that no restrictions on prices. These life-threatening events are different, different from the process to the same is angry but helpless ending.

The launch price is far bigger than people think. We strongly condemn or anger or sound, can also be removed thoroughly. An eternal, can always see the record looks so scarce, a block chain technology make the process more transparent to the center, is so important.

Go to the center of the experiment came into being, the ideal attempt was madness scam, after a series of carnival, to the center of the strongest presence form – encrypted digital currency market, is the most primitive way of chaos to shuffle and orderly evolution. The ups and downs of the currency circle in 2018, countless good or bad mouthing the sound, the encrypted digital currency seems to come to an end, or to a Pushuo tomorrow.

Let bygones be bygones, the future can be expected. Block blockbeats rhythm replay 2018 events occur throughout the year, these records represent growth, worth money ring engraved mark.


  • The encrypted digital currency price peak, the blockchain into second tier companies stock aphrodisiac

January 8, 2018, is the highlight of the whole industry chain block, digital encryption currency market capitalization of $813 billion 900 million, nearly 6 trillion yuan. In December 18th 10 days before, bitcoin digital currency as the most famous, at the highest point since its birth, the exchange price approaching $20 thousand.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Look at the rise of bitcoin, distance bullish said $100 thousand seems to be within reach, bitcoin has become synonymous with the block chain and flourishes. The major media channels, currency speculation flourishes story block chain concept distorted meet the eye everywhere, to the general public.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

In January 5th, shares a little-known company net load line soared nearly 700%, bypassing the cheetah mobile, thunder, jumei.com shares rose. The direct reason is that the net load line just announced with wells through the network science and technology limited company cooperation industry chain block. Block chain concept has aphrodisiac effects fulfilled in two days before the new year, renren.com announced involved in the block chain, issuing a virtual currency RR Coin, shares soared nearly 80%.

  • Crazy ICO illegal financing forced regulatory hand

According to ICOdata statistics, in December 2017 and January 2018, the ICO project financing totaled $1 billion 662 million and $1 billion 522 million, 2 month ICO total financing of nearly $3 billion 200 million. In contrast, 2004 founded the Sogou market capitalization was nearly 25 billion dollars. Crazy ICO foam from which we can see.

Arrive from the 2017 at the end of the year ICO climax in the 1 month continues, each community in active and on behalf of the cast is candy from the new hot pull, everyone in Telegram. 3 months before the ICO 94 ban has been the impact of a wealth of stories all gone, OTC OTC trading platform, payment bank card, Alipay, WeChat, the most convenient, has become a new and expanding circle of Chinese chives into the currency most convenient conditions.

1 19, the central bank finally shot supervision, settlement Division issued “on the notice” provide payment services self-examination and rectification work express files for illegal virtual currency transactions, it’s all Payment institutions provide services for virtual currency transactions. The entrance channel virtual currency transactions will be ordered to shut down, then, Alipay to limit the payee, the bank began the investigation prompted the risk of trading account.

  • The coin ring chaos early, the first China exchange exit

The rise of the emerging industry is always accompanied by Nishajuxia, block chain industry is no exception. After the winter bedding, coins ring to the first crop harvest season and exit tide.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Harvest the first crop of leek project on behalf of Hcash, also called HSR tokens, super cash or Braised pork in brown sauce. “At the end of Braised pork in brown sauce is less than 1000 yuan, live to eat xiang! “The Hcash project consultant and spokesman Xu Zijing, had said in the broadcast. Soon, HSR by the public to raise the price of 6 yuan fell to 7 hair, at the end of January the project party lost. Today, HSR prices fell to 6.3 yuan, compared to all the chips at a price of 30 yuan, has shrunk nearly 80%. Xu Zijing, has already disappeared.

Chaos appeared, regulators are also tightening, not going to opt out of the enterprise. In January 29th, bitcoin Chinese announced the acquisition of Hongkong block chain investment fund. Encrypt digital currency business, BTCC will continue to mine pool, wallet and dollar spot trading platform. The announcement represents, China had occupied 80% of the market share China first bitcoin trading places, officially quit the Chinese.


  • Three o’clock to enter the community, VC block chain

After the Spring Festival, around three o’clock community burst fire coins. As a founder, launched after Yuhong invited many heavyweights into the chain block. The spring festival seven days of the issue of value is as high as 1 million yuan a red envelope, gangster lavish push group quickly became popular at three o’clock. Block chain to take this opportunity to rise to fame, new leek approach, the dealer to open a new round of bull market to harvest.

Wake up at the loss of six digit assets is not uncommon. To stimulate investment makes numerous investment institutions eager. The early entry claimed to be the new Internet investors, after admission is called classical Internet investor. The three o’clock sleepless group KOL Chen Weixing as the representative of the Jinsha River venture capital director Zhu Xiaohu as a typical. The air will scold at three community climax until after the spring festival.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

“Free chat technology really means nothing…… The application block chain is the biggest currency speculation “, master Bao Guo Hongcai because of yearning for wealth was kicked out at three sleepless group.

But the traditional investment bank Shen Napeng of Sequoia Capital, 360 chairman Zhou Hongyi and angel investor Cai Wensheng, Xue Manzi et al in group, indicating that more traditional banks will enter a wait-and-see, also opened a large number of Chinese chive entering the countdown.

  • The project of air bubble burst

In February, some people cut off first dial leek began to take the money and leave the air project to take shape. Block rhythm BlockBeats survey projects, reveal the status quo gimmick than practical action project.

As a typical READ currency, known as the use of transparent characteristics of the blockchain, solve the traditional network literature platform resources unequal phenomenon, outstanding works the author content maximum production incentive tokens. The center is mainly used for auxiliary traditional, network literature distribution platform serial net (lianzai.com). The domain name inquiry found that the company does not have the publishing license, at any time be “off” may end.

The founder of READ coins, coin is a circle of “old people”, he was involved in the investment (machine), roast cat is a freelance programmer + net author, Hunan network Writers Association vice chairman. The serial platform works with the mainstream network platform of the quality gap, even as the founder of their own sense of reading novels.

Although there is no founder cut chives, but the token value of what is a problem. In this project, be too numerous to enumerate.

  • Behind the soaring BEC

After the Spring Festival, beauty and beauty chain map cooperation news spread like wildfire, in a large number of reminders and Skinner media, Mito chairman Cai Wensheng issued a statement, the content from three points: first, BeautyChain is a block chain independent product development organization of the third party; overseas application of BeautyPlus two, Mito’s and in overseas the promotion of cooperation; three, Mito not issued any tokens or token, BeautyChain BEC and Mito independent tokens.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The statement block behind the rhythm of BlockBeats discovery, BeautyChain, beauty chain token issuer named BEC and said honey, its strategic partner BeautyPlus, is the overseas version of beauty camera Mito’s, another partner called BEC wallet. Coincidentally, BEC wallet in three exchanges in OKEx trading, Cai Wensheng was an early investor in OKEx.

Strangely, the team decides the success or failure of the white paper, BeautyChain no information, no shareholder information. So, BEC is either air or ordinary coins, Cai Wensheng is secretly quanqian tactics.


  • The exchange model innovation, leek project double harvest

At the beginning of March, let the coin circle boiling is the fire coins HADAX vote coins. The new mode of currency exchange, known as the price of the currency exchange break fee mechanism, make money right to return to the hands of users. Is actually the guise of independent coin, eventually evolved into the project side brush money currency, who so much, who exchange.

Analogy of stock market, A shares listed on the cost of 38 million yuan, the Hong Kong stock market cost HK $30 million coins currency costs of the 8000 fire ETH (calculated according to the average price of 6000 yuan coins on a total price of 48 million yuan), straightforward new mode of digital currency and explicit encryption: who who listed more money. Exchange to far more than this, general currency vote currency is the currency HT platform fire coins, coins on the side of the project process continue to increase the flow of HT, high price.

This model is the industry criticized too blatant quanqian, fire emergency adjustment on the currency currency rules, but from currency results later, did not change what.

  • EOS ecological center of the half started

EOS ecological, chemical reaction to produce BM and run away in community construction, which started with EOS and founder of BM (real name Dan Larimer) leave messages intertwined with each other, also the achievements of the. It is not difficult to understand, today, EOS DAPP has dozens of community people are still on time every day to ask: “BM has run away? “

The evening of March 4th “overseas currency circle” since the media released “EOS traced to the project creation God is leaving, how the project will be developed? “The message, laissez faire fermentation of a night, the next morning, BM in the Telegram group denied leave monday.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

BM and run away the same concern is the EOS super node vote. Won the master node EOS in most of the 5% annual additional revenue each year, each node can get about 2 million 380 thousand EOS, according to the current price (EOS/RMB $44.2) a year, a node can be assigned to 100 million yuan reward.

The dealer level admission campaign to attract game player. Through open to sell future rewards, EOS become an annual event, known as a sudden increase, after becoming a public chain this year’s most influential foreshadowed.

  • The blockchain routine project fraud

March is the industry chain block fraud frequent month, according to BitCoinNews statistics, every virtual currency investment of nearly US $9 million being a liar cheated. Among them, the most rampant Venezuelan oil money was copycat cheater will link to the white paper, in the original site, all the other is counterfeit.

Deception more than this, a currency in the world news “Magee has been a treasure to exchange coins.” the message scraper, but the trading volume of the top 30 digital asset exchange, are not on the line Magee Bao (MJB) trading of. The on-line game player in “network”, a copycat fraud site.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

In addition, there are more the name of tourism to the center of the gimmick with the slogan tokens, deceive ordinary investors, and there is no difference between the nature of fraud. For example, Tripio Token:TRIO, on the line that break, the currency fell to $0.0041; travel chain Token:TRA, which launched the break, the currency now fell to $0.000847.

Block BlockBeats also found a rhythm to the center of the platform for BitWhite applications, the copy project domestic block chain project team “Asch,” making. After packing to foreign investors that the new project, and has successfully completed airdrop, on-line exchange.

  • The coin ring false news frequently

In March 14th, the famous British physicist Stephen Hocking brush news died over the whole network, this is the time to mourn the dead, some block chain from the media but for hot rub, “spread the Hocking heritage liquidation 20 thousand bitcoins found false news”, then 20 thousand bitcoin value equivalent to 1 billion 100 million yuan. After investigation, the news is false news deliberately released P.

The coin ring false news, the giant is forcibly bundled and fraud and normal duorenyanqiu. In March 16th, Tencent invested 2 billion U.S. dollars of investment Ripple message crazy pass. On the same day, the Tencent investment soared 300 times a year to issue tokens of Ripple Technology’s statement was quickly denied the deity.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Coincidentally, at the end of the month, Jack Ma write blockchain three word pictures scraper, confirmed after the picture is the result of a false picture of PS treatment.

In addition, the FSA does not exclude an “international currency held by circle news Interpol, media reports” Japan use Interpol accountable an incidental coin, counterfeit any reply: “lawyers are communicating. “To do a full set of coins, part of the media circle line needs to be improved.

  • Change the mode of hacker attacks

The evening of March 7th, an exchange currency was hacked. Different with the previous simple currency Pirates of the attack, hackers have done a lot of careful plans for a long time before the beginning of the final action potential, to Lagaofei mainstream price tokens, short advance single profitable.

In this process, the hacker sold a lot of tokens, resulting in the vast majority of currencies began to fall, the market retail investors know the truth also began to panic selling. At the same time, higher VIA price manipulation account tokens with 10 thousand coins in 1 hours. Everyone thinks the hacker to hold in their hands VIA sell high, replaced BTC cash to a safe account when you leave, hackers suddenly exit.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Hackers use money an influence, ahead of an empty one, will be scattered in various trading orders in the moment, the decline in the market, just completed the interests of harvest. As a result of the transaction dispersion not specific to the account, hackers also did not mention the current account, this attack is also known as the hacker attack to the center. Advanced chemical thus opening the hacker attacks.


  • ICO low, pyramid coins prevailed

In April, ICO decreased heat. Block BlockBeats rhythm was found, Ponzi scheme and celebrity endorsement fraud Gang into the industry, causing huge losses to investors.

The etheric Fang DAPP charts, a trading volume ranked third to the center of the game, PoWH3D 3D, also known as virtual currency, with hundreds of years of financial fraud in the industry chain block cloak, wanton money. The game is announced, investors buy project tokens, charge exchange traded 10% fee (ETH) will enter the public pool, the pool will take public fee to return to investors, to a large number of users.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

In addition to PoWH3D like “Ponzi scheme”, the famous American Boxer Mayweather CTR was an endorsement of the currency, have been under the frame of OK. Due to the high popularity of social media, the victims of the. At present, because Mayweather paid publicity and the platform, by the relevant departments of the United States punished, fined $100 thousand.

  • The chain of the dispute, the God of V

The chain tide intensified, the public began to frequently clash for chain founder, male voice ring chain. The most active, is the co-founder of Vitalik Buterin Ethernet fang. At the beginning of April, due to “Unlimited” and “Core” argument, V God wrote sound, the former considered force (hashpower) is all, that the security mechanism of bitcoin is playing a role, precisely because the calculated stress does not represent all views, he believes that security does not need to calculate the chain block defense force.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

(left for Vitalik Buterin, not the right Langtui head)

Soon, V God also wrote a management framework model, consensus on EOS’s criticism on the blog. He pointed out in the article: now, equipped with 21 super nodes (block producer) DPOS model is flawed and hidden dangers, in the long run, and will not succeed. Interest groups will be of interest to replace personal interests, bribery problem, is a typical representative of.

This is seen as God and the founder of EOS V “Declaration of war”. The EOS community has a solution called back immediately the other votes, two party debate at the same time, V God repeatedly in the Twitter block chain on your anger media Coindesk, their related project to publish the article because of the scam.

  • Global public opinion supervision tightened, working for legalisation route

In April 8th, Twitter bitcoin information large “Bitcoin” Twitter has once again been officially banned, the account of more than 800 thousand fans, banned reason showed that this account may involve spam and abuse of tweets and other acts, may also be because the account is under attack.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The encrypted digital information transmission has become the world trend of monetary tightening, block BlockBeats rhythm learned from the Spring Festival, domestic also started the whole network to strengthen the supervision of the advertising information and virtual currency areas, involving private fund-raising, investment information, ICO generation and other large V become the main object of attention.

This is not the first time ICO by the whole world “encirclement and suppression”. The industry very careful, seek legal look forward to become the industry consensus. Since the media has released “false news” legalization of Japan ICO. According to Bloomberg article “Japanese exposure allows ICO guidelines”, the research team of Japan’s financial services agency, proposing the ICO rule, the proposal at the end of the month if we have to consider the possibility of legislation.

  • Block chain and chain block hot rub Enterprises

Effect of “China core” event, the upper has added to the domestic chip companies concerned, Jia Nan Yun Zhi official advice at this time: “no matter what you are essentially for chip, or a chip company, hope you in the domestic market. “General tonic words makes Jia Nan Yun Chi submitted to the Hongkong listed IPO, waiting for landing the domestic market two.

The ability of absorbing gold industry well-known mill manufacturer, to seek listing more may have been financial market attention and recognition, is the enterprise itself and the compliance of the key. If listed, the real concept of the birth of the first stock block chain, industry reference means obvious.

One side is the block chain enterprises anxiously waiting for the listing, the other side is already on the market but want to block the chain hot rub “second-class” of listed companies. Enterprises listed blockchain suddenly appeared, the share price soaring dozens of times, false propaganda behavior US SFC issued a letter of inquiry to stop this hot rub the.

At the end of 4, all declared subtitle groups improves the client bandwidth pressure and development spending pressures began to accept three kinds of encryption digital currency donation: bitcoin, bitcoin cash and etheric fang. It seems to block chain, enterprises can not only hot rub, but also trafficking feelings.

  • Intelligent security contract

In April 25th, a SMT token was hacked. The use of intelligent contract proxyOverFlow vulnerabilities, hackers generate huge amounts of Token, the Token price plummeted.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

According to the block chain security team PeckShield survey, there are a large number of intelligent ERC-20 based on contract code tokens of the vulnerability exists. Fire coins, OKEx exchange immediately suspended filling coins, ERC-20 intelligent workshop based on Ethernet Token contract withdraw operation.

Hacker attack on SMT vulnerabilities, the team has been already on the evening of the same day, and because the hackers have been traded in exchange, the SmartMesh foundation will take the equivalent number of SMT and the total destruction of frozen remains constant. Exchange currency audit sloppy and loose remarkable.


  • DAPP started

The first month of the bear market, currency circle started to improve. After the 2017 cryptokitties encryption cat burst fire, the development of DAPP seems to fall silent. At this point, speculation temporarily disappeared, secretly force DAPP started to show strength. The game for DAPP main venue, well made games attract more game player.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

EtherGoo is one of the most. SLG strategy game half hook style, “the game three strategies and domestic once popular is similar to the EtherGoo game will be produced in the krypton gold consumption in rolled into the prize pool re allocated to the game player, game player is welcome, water every day up to 1 million yuan. The game and all interactions in the etheric Fang chain operation, avoid official cheating.

Then, making more sophisticated Etheremon has more active number, this monster of war game “Etheremon” compared to other works, beautifully produced a lot, basically already has a prototype of a complete web game.

  • The global fight against pyramid schemes and financial fraud

The encrypted digital currency is gradually cool, some dressed in coat futures fraud also surfaced. In May, FBI survey together two yuan futures financial fraud. The product name is EasyOption, to block chain derivatives appear in the block chain network, the block chain pulled 150 thousand people into the bureau.

Block rhythm BlockBeats learned, two yuan of financial fraud in option participants by dozens of countries, Chinese, banned two yuan option trading, and its strong supervision.

In addition to FBI, the Wall Street journal also began to expose the ICO scam, according to the survey, 1450 copies of the 111 white paper is a pure copy of the foreign currency, domestic circle filled with pirated copy, privacy theft, and the false rate of return. Lifted in the more so-called block chain project after the truth, more overseas investors called on the government regulatory intervention, let crooks get legal sanctions at the same time, gradually improve the regulatory system.

  • The pattern of China coin circle began to change

In May 8th, Xu Xiaoping’s group Zhenge fund administration, currency circle chiefs gathered in a circle, known as “Dongxing station” coin. The dinner photos out, the fire coins of Li Lin and OK star Xu drink wine when smiling. Heavyweight fire coins, OKEx, chain, Mars financial community, have three o’clock and garage coffee have a joyous gathering.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Exchange, media, investment institutions, project incubator, which is the industry that is a block chain project service chain formation. But a week later, a sudden turn for the worse. OKEx CEO Li boiling announced in the circle of friends posting turnover, although foreign said the reason for leaving for personal reasons, but open dialogue and then Xu star, the clear Xu star control, do not trust themselves, two people often quarrel.

A week after Li Shufei rushed into the post fire coins, a week before Li Lin and Xu Mingxing’s glasses intimate photos back to become history. After the coin ring polymerization at the crack forces appear, the two exchanges and domestic tensions sensitive in return.

  • EOS super node selection

For the 21 nodes of EOS block chain on the network (and 100 nodes) and the normal operation of the super node election held, become the industry event. Hold EOS Token users, according to the selected node votes as super node and standby node. After the warm-up, a campaign node, close to 60 from Chinese.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The founder of EOS BM because the third generation of block chain technology has become the currency circle chiefs, now a day trading volume of nearly 10 billion yuan, reflects the industry enthusiasm for node election. EOS is a bitcoin, but node election, have financial background chiefs open canvassing speech, and even bribery, the consortium is to control the node become a difficult problem to solve, the community also to become confused.

And, in excessive rendering, the main line is ignored. After the end of May, the main launch team reached a consensus: only that a named EOS network community celebration. And a few days later the EOS network officially launched, but No one shows any interest in. Excessive consumption of the brand has investors lose confidence in it.

  • Admission giant (360)

At the end of 5, with 360 high-profile vulnerabilities identified in the event block chain industry debut. The day before the red jade predicted that EOS will return to the air, suggest that investors quickly clearing, the next day, the red guards from the Internet security leader announced that epic “vulnerability in EOS.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The EOS block chain to digital system vulnerabilities, detonation paralysis “. 360 security brand, the price fell EOS. For EOS, this is undoubtedly a short message. It caused panic in the market makes the EOS short time fell 7%.

Coincidentally, the 360 administrative micro-blog declared “through remote attacks, direct control and take over all nodes running on EOS. “The time, did not attack the specific vulnerability. But in the afternoon English blog on the leak and repair team with EOS BM 360 open the whole process. One afternoon the epic vulnerability makes 360 and block chain hook, which is undoubtedly the best opportunity to brush presence.


  • Domestic exchange for change

The entrepreneur’s project to upgrade from lower grade to higher grade trading sector, each company is looking forward to it, but the master often change the rules, more reflects the low efficiency and ignoring the rules.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Time and again come out of the fire coins HADAX transfer to PRO, and not because of the frequent changes and trough point less, and allow investors by cheating. Transfer probability from the initial 50% to 28 projects January grab more unspoken rule, such as the daily plate and stimulate the currency trading platform for the people feel bored.

The trading volume increasingly sluggish exchange, exchange of anxiety like this, small exchange as the choice of life and death, or struggling, or collusion. In the global super 1000 encryption digital currency exchange, occupy more than 75% market trading volume in the top ten. That is to say, 1000 small exchange should be less than 25% of the market, thus the degree of competition.

  • The public security crisis chain consensus

In June, the public was attacked by frequent news chain. According to Carbon Black data, the first half of 2018 for about $1 billion 100 million (7 billion 150 million yuan) encryption money stolen. Another report showed that, there are about 1.2 million stolen online market is currently available (exchange) and 34000 related products and password theft. Black industry chain has been formed.

Hackers frequently behind the public chain project itself loopholes and defects are solved. At the beginning of June, PeckShield exposure name Ethernet tradeTrap intelligent workshop contract loopholes, the vulnerability could allow hackers to freely manipulate currency price, free additional Token, has more than ten kinds of available in exchange traded Token.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

There are many loopholes in public chain free? According to the analysis of block BlockBeats rhythm, only 16 thousand dollars, you can rent enough to launch 51% attack is an hour of Flos lonicerae. Previously, bitcoin gold (BTG) attack is an advance on loan to underground miners force the double attack.

  • The transaction is mine

Zhang Jian set off a transaction that is mining in the East become warm braw Rin on-line exchange, half a month on the creation of the trading volume of the whole network first. But according to the rhythm of BlockBeats block half a month of follow-up reports, find out the truth and not to the FCoin news release direction description.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

On the surface, FCoin launched a high price, rose 100 times. But then fell to near zero shock. The deeper, the establishment of a joint founder Zhang Jian singer and the capital investment fund, investment projects are all focus on the Zhang Jian expansion, the most typical financial investment such as Zhang Jian Moumou, Moumou blockchain private participation in FCoin.

From the model point of view, to achieve a combination of subsidies burn and profit two Token Repurchase Economic Model of Fcoin, as it had many failures of P2P, will one day because of subsidies less profit, capital chain rupture and stop. This prophecy in 2 months. And a large number of users, FCoin is a temporary miners, and fewer defects of real users will shorten the time of the failure.

  • The ICO project started to burst

According to 6, digital encryption currency industry, about 800 tokens have died, data analysis website Coinopsy is expected to eventually die project will be more than 1000. Take 2013 to 2014 seed round or angel round of financing 103 block chain company, only 28% of the company has got the next round of financing.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

That is to say, the blockchain project mortality rate reached 72%, and even more. A large area of ICO financing currency death, followed by the project investors zero effort. The direct performance is the exchange on the currency collapse project. In June 13th, three new board listed companies live hundreds of was disbanded, founder Chang Hendra black employees pay talks, arrears of wages, to withdraw from the company WeChat group turnover.

Entity behind the failure of live hundreds of travel chain (TRA) behind the actual project, 3 months before the travel chain (TRA) with “1000%” slogan currency rise Lu OKEx exchange, but soon fell to near zero. With the ICO to the dying economy blood transfusion behavior but the fact is that It is often seen., the entity will not use ICO financing.

  • Study economic model block chain.

Token in the bear market economy increasingly hot, the value of investment become synonymous with it. Block BlockBeats of Token rhythm valuation model, prices rose to the unspoken rule, and the stable operation of the system.

Even in a bear market, various types of token still emerge in an endless stream. Orange meow hash put forward five kinds of feasible valuation model, discounted cash flow valuation method, relative valuation method and option valuation method, free pricing valuation method, through different scope, evaluate the value of token.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Specific issues, Token Rose: the unspoken rule in the mining machine mining machine company to be listed, in order to obtain better sales and pre dug Token, Token price will move up. In addition, the Token economy makes it extremely easy to become pornographic broadcast channel. As a non-profit pornographic website, with no ads, no bottom line “and” advocating share is famous in the world, not only out of tort, also indulge child pornography.

However, the world is prohibited by the state but due to the technology center website still exists today.


  • A complete breakdown of money ring

To July, the bear market fears began to spread, the uneven distribution of benefits caused by the coin ring tear in the primary market, investment institutions have a tear, is five times of the harvesting mechanism, typical suocang leek. Shortly before the break open fire coins Li Lin and Du Jun banker, exchange and investment institutions for the distribution of benefits and tear. Chinese coin ring is staged with the interests of the chain of tear refuse.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The specific performance, cornerstone investors in the bull market, you can later than other investors enjoy lower prices, hundreds or even tens of times the investment income. This division of interests is broken in a bear market, ordinary investors and institutional investors are tearing consensus.

Then, the hot community, because the three sub chiefs retreat group, ordinary investors borrow money back ring cool opportunity back ring. The rest of the money ring, investors hold tokens, so a collection of tokens for other tokens of Death Act came into being.

  • Study on the new model of Dapp

The July currency circle fresh models, typical such as fomo3d, ordinary people difficult to understand. This paper studies the BlockBeats block rhythm coin ring pattern, can be seen from the analysis, the process of currency innovation circle.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Fomo3D during the hot too difficult to copy, in a short time in the pool saved nearly 9000 ETH, the value of 30 million yuan. That block rhythm BlockBeats parsing, the game is more abundant than the blockchain gambling game function in the past, this new model lead to currency circle pursuit. But playing can be strengthened at the same time, risks are constantly heightening.

A coin ring native mode, the currency and the market value of management. Block rhythm BlockBeats found that free money gradually evolved into another form of payment on the coin money brush is equivalent to the presence of investors. Market management is money ring open secret, things can be attributed to the market value of management is not good. But in fact, the coin circle project, market management is not in the traditional sense, but the market manipulation behavior from genuine goods at a fair price.

  • Li Xiaolai recording door

Coin circle chiefs Li Xiaolai recording leak, drop altar at the same time, the recording currency revealed striking insider circle cut chives. In all the communication at the same time, Li Xiaolai leaked recording some interesting and important details are ignored.

Block BlockBeats rhythm finishing five things hidden behind this recording the story or secret. First, Ripple and NEO, Softbank and Fosun did not understand, investment has soared; trader Li Xiaolai Candy.ONE project COCOS has been blasting the United capital coin harvesting leek.

The secret about recording: will only block chain investment funds have no future, Li to provide except for funding resources for the project; the surface of peace is a necessary condition to make money, Li Xiaolai think money is an idiot, but could offer the fulcrum of financing currency security. Each coin circle chiefs have core competence can not shake the others, such as Link VC and OKEx founder Lin Jiapeng Tian Ying unusual relationship.

  • All kinds of insider exposure

July is also the month circle of the fall of the key currency. The project team to quantify, hacker attacks and insider come out one by one. Fcoin suddenly released their malicious zapan statement opened quantitative team, was used to quantify the previous trading robot fast, automated trading, was named with dark ghost hacker team Fcoin FT said the other down platform coins at all costs, prices, and implied Anne behind the currency.

Exchange competition slobber war, stable currency becomes unstable. Tether company issued a stable currency pegged to the dollar, but has been criticized for not real money support USDT circulation. The day before, Tether will be the only one to investigate financial auditors dismissed, given a not persuasive “statements”. Block BlockBeats rhythm smooth out behind the company and all kinds of high-level Association, confirmed that USDT is not so “clean” financial.

July suffered hacker attacks and currency, currency in July 4th, Ann API is attacked, the day has 11 named SYS Token in the currency of an exchange to 4 million 500 thousand yuan (96 coins) the price is traded, relative to the previous price instantly soared 3 million 200 thousand times. Canada’s Anthony Xie found a surprising fact: there are 13152 SYS in each value 1.1 bitcoin transaction price (value $97 million). So, how hackers find these digital currency accounts and large fixed blasting become a mystery.


  • 98.8% break rate

The exchange boom ended, the project to cash out. The golden key to the past, now become the protagonist of the scandal run away. Trapped investors are still looking forward to life on a computer screen line can. Block rhythm BlockBeats found that the domestic currency exchange line, zero and break as its choice.

The domestic mainstream ICO currency exchange after the break rate of more than 95%, part of the project Token prices fell more than 99%, nearly one hundred block chain projects into the air. As money harvesting tools, ICO raised when high returns that to attract many investors, money also forced air break block chain industry reshuffle.

Block BlockBeats statistics since the 1 rhythm 2018 1 6 date to November 30, project Token performance in Pro OKEx, fire currency, coins, coins and Kucoin HADAX fire safety exchange officially on currency, the results are alarming, most of the projects are in a loss position at the beginning of this year, the wave of ICO project almost all could be identified as harvesting leek, quanqian project. Behind this, the audit mechanism of the exchange project party issuing intentions, are worth thought-provoking.

  • Research on business model

8 months off the block chain lever action, since the media is a large number of titles, Tencent, Baidu, micro-blog and other social network information platform to ban “All In” and “overnight” story. But the key is the national mutual gold platform will report issued the scrip financing into the scope of the report, some of the media to pay the price of currency circle bottom line, block chain media are thus smell smell danger. Public opinion mouthing, real people in the industry to start thinking about what exactly do the blockchain, short model effect how the relationship between the development of the industry problems.

At present, the application of a block chain known as reflected in three aspects: first, bitcoin, failed to become a currency into electronic gold nominal. Second, Token (General Certificate), a representative of the capital market operation rights. Third, first kinds of virtual assets, as the representative of the cat to encrypt incommutable (non-fungible) assets.

Drop model, block rhythm BlockBeats learned that 99% of the block chain project in whitelist verification to put on the drop, but the efficiency is not high, by contrast, intelligent airdrop is a more efficient access to new users and build community way.

  • Block chain company to be listed

As a new industry industry chain block before and after taking the suction gold weapon, mill and encryption digital currency exchange was listed on the news. The positive trend of traditional financial markets, and regulatory trends in the period of public opinion and not unrelated. With the traditional financial market links, or can allow practitioners to find the legitimate sense of existence and reason to continue.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

On August 28th, chairman Li Lin acquired the fire coins into a holding company listed on the main board of Hong Kong Tong (01611) 73.73% stake, backdoor listing means obvious. According to the calculation of the average price of HK $2.72 per share, shares accounted for about 216 million shares, Li Lin need to pay about HK $587 million (about 511 million yuan). Not long ago, bit, submitted to the HKEx IPO valuation to $50 billion, will soon be listed in Hongkong.

With the previous Jia Nan Yun Zhi, the domestic application of Exchange listed companies have 3 chain blocks. There is no business of mine, bit block, but its founder Wu Jihan deeply involved in the BCH bifurcation, and the current regulation of the encrypted digital currency contrary attitude. Li Lin is still in the business exchange supervision blacklist, openly vote currency behavior such as wind ICO plus, the node listing only one explanation, compliance for level two financial market supervision.


  • The etheric Fang drop altar

In the etheric Fang founder on the occasion of 5 years, the article figures block rhythm BlockBeats release, V summary of the process of entrepreneurship and the character of God’s growth. At the age of 24 V of God by Ethernet market value of 300 billion Yuan Fang, and National Father Jack Ma comparable. But nearly half in the past, Ethernet square prices fell more than half, then went on down the road of no return. The young rich made classic no longer exists.

At the beginning of September, according to an article in the etheric Fang ETH may return to zero, suggesting that the miners boycott ETH as Ethernet network Fang trading fees, recommended investors sell their ETH. The obvious short sound in addition to the discussion of Ethernet square community members, as well as the etheric Fang prices.

Block rhythm BlockBeats, Ethernet square ETH price from $480 to less than $200, only one and a half months. Some people think that the reasons about collapse, because Ethernet workshop fee is too high, some people think it is a bear market but more large data represent the general trend, turn out, the results point to the project parties to sell cash.

  • MLM money

Waiting before the arrival of the marketing organization and bull market, but the influx of funds to disk block chain. At the beginning of September, blockbeats found the rhythm of reboxetine currency MLM organization is a ripple as Fed funds under the guise of fraud, fraud disc. What is worse, the organization in the Baidu search ads, with Baidu search advertising accelerated penetration.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

That block rhythm BlockBeats survey, the hundreds of thousands of people have been entering the MLM scam. Many ordinary people into the pit. The project is claimed to be the interests of investors of the largest digital asset storage platform Gerbaud fed, pull down, with layers of high returns approach and advocate brainwashing made rich repertoire, belongs to the typical pyramid.

Coincidentally, MLM celebrities Chen Anzhi also recently in high-profile currency circle, transformed into a block chain circle China success guidance masters. 4 to 7 months, intensive in Guizhou, Thailand, Hongkong, site roadshow. In July, after the news release of the upcoming start exchange disappeared.

  • The social impact on the hot search bitcoin crash

In September, the price of bitcoin opening shock pattern, has obvious shock to mid round. First, bitcoin prices in 2 hours plunged 5.4%, this decline did not like the usual short recovery time, until the next morning, bitcoin plummeted 7.1% after entering the state of sideways in an hour. The next day, again in the morning short-term fell by 3.1%.

As the backbone of the encrypted digital currency, a short period of time fell repeatedly makes investors and practitioners of confidence, and the huge amount of inflow and outflow of funds also increased the holders of panic. Even, # bitcoin plummeted # topic once again become a hot topic in society, a hot topic on micro-blog.

In many comments, ordinary people revealed the key words as “fraud” and “marketing” and “marketing”, stakeholders are more concerned about the graphics, mills, memory behind the existence of the problem of price manipulation. Different comments, revealing the encrypted digital currency market level cognition, behind it, is the current market is not mature.

  • Focus mode

When the node block chain heat sag, EOS in Token ecological Pocket released TPT and PUB both tokens, transactions are declared using the Bancor protocol. These tokens are described as IBO, a new concept was born. Block chain concept to build a new bear market become normal, POW, POS, after DPOS and PBFT.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Today, the concept of heat from UBI to IBO. EOS RAM system resources almost all operations are needed in ecological EOS (memory) has become the object of the transaction. Because of the price system take trading mechanism of the Bancor algorithm, Bancor become a well-known trading model. Block rhythm blockbeats learned, Bancor token is likely to maintain price stability, but the only available on sale of scarce resources.

This is not all, the new concept was created at the same time, the new game EOS once again become the focus of the industry. EOS Pixel game is set as the virtual real, we all love lots of gold and a small 1349 EOS, calculated according to the price at the time, this virtual world while the value of 51262 yuan. This is similar to the game of pass the parcel, block chain is not recommended to participate in game player.


  • puzzle game

In the coin ring block chain game is a special existence, or the existence of a weak sense, or suddenly gathered industry all eyes. The blockchain treasure hunt in September 10th, following the phenomenal work again once infatuated with the cat.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

In the treasure map released 7 days later, three puzzle only the most elementary is decrypted, the most difficult third puzzles, reward 310 coins, 14 million yuan worth of flowers who become the focus of peoples. Only 1 days later to the puzzle undone, Ravel identity is unknown.

But from the block chain and digital assets are closely related, this form is likely to be the starting point of life and the most suitable chain blocks. Analysis of block blockbeats rhythm, puzzle game for the development into individual DAPP to operate, adding Fomo3D and Pixel pixel war elements. This game may become a model after decryption explosion of replication.

  • USDT collapse and stable currency project

In October 15th, the earliest currency stable USDT suddenly plunged 8%. The substantial change in previous times encrypted digital currency, USDT to “stable” characteristics, a coin trading intermediary currency. The two stage of the credit market fell stable currency hit a block of rhythm blockbeats analysis, the USDT fell to Bitfinex has a close relationship.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The managed USDT (Tether) Noble Bank cash bank half a month ago was traced to the operator facing the crisis, on the verge of collapse. Bitfinex users questioned the insolvency problems, “cash extraction, digital asset users misappropriated” news spread like wildfire, causing users to trust crisis.

The collapse coincided with the popularity of the concept of currency stability. At the beginning of September the United States has approved the exchange of Gemini and block chain startup Paxos issued GUSD and PAX stable currency, the other exchanges have incoming. Stable currency linked currencies the dollar, sterling has become a sought after. Block rhythm blockbeats study found that the market stable currency is more “stable” gimmick, poor liquidity, linked currency is also difficult to achieve.

  • Focus mode

The explosion and fire 2017 years as the concept of ICO, the 10 month is a month of frequent block chain concept. Coinless block chain is in urgent need of industry to seek compliance, STO is attempting to encrypt the digital currency to move closer to the current financial supervision system. The two “ICO” will try to lead the blockchain image reverse, let “serious” block chain and digital encryption currency concept deeply rooted.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Coinless block chain is not a new concept, opened in the rise of public chain tide, ETH, EOS, the wave field is the most typical representative. STO (Security Token Offering) as the concept of improvement of traditional financial responsibility, let users have many questions about the currency circle.

Blockbeats STO is a block of rhythm “in new scam ICO shell? STO investment can be more secure than ICO? Ordinary investors should invest in STO? The United States and Hongkong for the digital asset securitization and how to treat it? “Analysis of such problems, STO has the potential to bring huge change but the currency circle, still need a long waiting period.


  • The coin circle Reds decline

During the Spring Festival without flourishing group three o’clock sleep is still fresh, Li Xiaolai, Xue Manzi, Sun Hongcai, Zhang Jian (Master Bao), jade red Coin Ring poker platform gangster, in the first quarter of money fast, at the beginning of the second quarter despite the relationship; third and fourth quarters, seemed to disappear in the world.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

Li Xiaolai focused on selling the book drop altar; Xue Manzi bought the island house B & B, special reception Coin Ring leek; go to India to find new leek Sun Hongcai station Fcoin lost 400 bitcoins after harvest; Zhang Jian finished his own currency exchange platform users disappeared, there are signs of red jade comeback; despite the industry XMX project the people cast aside, I am still in operation group at three o’clock.

In addition to, we have tens of thousands of leek money coin coin circle circle reds, believers are also. Chen Weixing coins circle fake fighter Wang Feng to give up, the blue harbor interactive CEO identity into block chain industry. Do not know the All in, can let Wang Feng successfully enter the first echelon block chain industry.

  • Coin forces re division ring

11 15, BitcoinCash BTC coin bifurcation (BCH) bifurcation upgrade. Unlike in the past, the bifurcation with break both forces: BCHSV PK BCHABC Wu Jihan supporters supporters of Auburn Cong. Fork at the same time, a force war kicked off. Prior to this, both in the social network’s declaration of war, have their own advocates.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

The coin ring force divided the initial encryption at the same time, money market price diving phenomenon, short-term market slump caused by extreme panic. Soon, Bloomberg has been editorial for best performance of currency investment fund Amber AI directed OKEx manipulate contract market transactions, and claimed by OKEX suddenly announced early delivery and related content affect the market price changes, resulting in the loss of. Subsequently, Amber AI announced the liquidation.

Swing the market sentiment, diving situation again staged in the branch after a week, BCH BCHSV and BCHABC bifurcation coexist, encrypted digital currency led to BTC below the industry recognized the support, the coin ring disappeared.

  • DAPP main flow redistribution

A bear market has long been decadent began to shake the chain circle mentality, looking for new opportunities to become the only channel project to resolve anxiety. So, DAPP has become the first choice. In October, three public chain of DAPP have become a hot topic in coin circle, square, EOS Ethernet and wave field three male DAPP on their ecological chain appeared different ecological DAPP.

A period of time, the etheric Fang attract capital game focused team, EOS network is tradable, dividend gaming occupy DAPP. Wave field has entered a period of eruption, daily living and trading volume doubling growth. EOS DAPP security incident also entered the high stage.

 Block chain 2018 annual summary: from the carnival spirit to encourage

To the end of November, three public traffic chain increasingly fierce competition. Ethernet DAPP disk funds Fang entrenched games success is weakened, collection of PA list; EOS DAPP is still focused on the game, adding more binding gameplay to pull the new game player, which led directly to the EOS CPU Dice3D resources soared 120 times. The wave field DAPP also began to use the new product such as pull a new wave of jokes and 3D mahjong etc..

  • The domestic and foreign digital currency cognitive trend

At the beginning of November, the Central Bank Research Institute released a research report, nearly 2 words in the paper “blockchain what can and can not do” start. The author of the block chain from the angle of economics, from the macro level to face the topic Token paradigm, the blockchain consensus and trust, contract, application of intelligent direction, governance, security and other hot analysis.

Study on block chain scenarios Central Research Institute seemed to market a boost, but at the same time, both at home and abroad to block specific information transmission chain market crackdown also increased.

In mid November, the domestic title tide come again, BABI finance, finance can not open the nuclear, Wu Xie block chain was even two degrees. Foreign Apple iTunes store shelves encryption of digital currency news columns, Twitter and Medium are well-known analyst title. The bear market to void the purification of plate shouting orders become more and more recognized by the market, may return the encrypted digital currency is the most popular cognition, insurance survival method.

  • EOS dilemma: section point of survival difficult, not as a major node

Near the end of the year, EOS seeds buried in the super node. In November the end of block rhythm BlockBeats found that every Token EOS network the original issuance, is intended to reward miners, is now joint control. What are some of the nodes do not work, every day can earn 2600 dollars, on the contrary, some nodes are busy to explosion but also get money, or even lose money.

After the election the super node became the industry event with vigour and vitality. But the public commitment to the benefits, canvassing bribery behavior that the super node stale, eventually, the heavy hand of money nodes elected super node. In reality, a serious imbalance in the distribution of node reward money, but not general.

Block rhythm BlockBeats understands that a user was cheated approached 1300 EOS, the community will address into the blacklist cheater announced, was able to recover. But because the node StartEOS is not the liar blacklist, the account assets are sold to cash fraud. The whole process of community recovery took 3 months, StartEOS took 1 months, issues were not resolved. It is concluded that the EOS community and low working efficiency of the super node.


Bear falling for eighth months, the coin circle about the disappearance of spread. The downturn has become the main theme of the encrypted digital currency trading market, confused and aimless atmosphere surrounded by investors. Wait and see who spurned, fraudsters quit, speculators dispersed, deep low grinding.

The evening of December 3rd, Li Xiaolai served as the official Hong Kong stocks listed on the male shore Technology (01647-HK) executive director and co chief executive officer. As the main thrust of coin ring and block chain notorious, once flourishing poker gangster, almost at the expense of The whole army was wiped out. reputation, hidden in the shadow. Fame brings cashability instant loss of the sins of the past, as if also disappear.

12 6 April, Dan capital founder, associate professor of physics at Stanford University, Chinese American physicist Zhang Shousheng confirmed the death. At the age of 55 years old. Zhang Shousheng is a typical block chain technology enthusiasts, she said, “the current international financial system is still in the west, but Chinese can seize this opportunity to realize the blockchain” overtaking “. Block chain project Dan capital investment reached 42, the block chain technology, application field of digital currency and a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan.

Professor Zhang’s death, is undoubtedly a big loss of industry chain block. Li Xiaolai’s comeback again means vanity fair game currency circle will continue.

The disorderly market is more a lack of professionalism in the project stage, blindly send money, on-line time procrastination, missed the best time, the inevitable choice after the run away tide, coin rights become the. In December 6th, many from the media title escaped shouted one madman at voice, four ways to summarize the project run away, he asked: “that a direct copy of RMB, good on-line exchange, results are delayed for more than 3 months. Don’t you have conscience? “

Money does have to become a beast like material ability, chemical reaction. You can’t say it is wrong, because in order to establish a relatively fair rules are always broken. I need those red in front of the awakening, to start the rebellion and debugging of unfair rules.

Block chain of the world in 2019, what would it be like? Will cut leek out, or the encrypted digital currency into the right track, block Blockbeats and rhythm.

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