A Swiss bank has launched a special currency asset management service

nnnIn a row, Falcon Group’s private bank announced that Bitcoin Suisse AG, a joint currency brokerage firm, would introduce a special currency asset management service to customers, Future demand. Combined with other recent Swiss news, the country is really active in the chain area, and it makes these projects even more desirable.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nA Swiss private bank is providing customers with a service to help them better manage their own bits of money.n
nFalcon Group announced the launch of the service on July 12, will allow customers to use the original account to buy and hold bit currency. These services are provided in conjunction with Bitcoin Suisse AG, a Belgian currency brokerage firm established in 2013.n
nArthur Vayloyan, global director of Falcon’s products and services, said in a statement:n
nn”We are delighted to be the initiator of the chain of chain asset management in the Swiss private banking sector, and we believe that the timing of our entry into this emerging market is appropriate and that this new product will meet the future of our customers demand.”n
nnFalcon also revealed in the announcement has been installed in the lobby of the Zurich headquarters a bit of currency ATM, open to the public. It was reported that the initiative was implemented only after discussions with the Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA).n
nWhile banks are openly accepting digital currency is very rare, Switzerland has been more active in supporting sectoral projects in the public and private sectors. For example, on July 11, the Swiss Federal Council also revealed that it was “promptly” developing digital currency regulations.n
nIn addition, Zugo City also publicly stated that plans to help promote the adoption of block-chain technology, and in support of a “encryption valley association” (Crypto Valley Association) industry alliance. The city recently revealed that it intends to use the technology to launch a digital authentication service this fall.n

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