A Swiss city will accept a tax on the bit

nnnIn the center of the field of encryption in Switzerland, Zug has been very active in the development of chain chains and digital currencies, and has carried out a number of eye-catching related projects and has maintained close friendly relations with many parties. Obviously, other cities in Switzerland are not to be outdone, for example, the city of Chisso will block the chain as the core of their own development, now announced to accept the bit currency tax. This move is Zugi did not try, is conducive to Chia Suo in the competition to regain a city.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nAccording to local news reports, the Swiss city of Chisso will begin to accept the special currency tax.n
nThe plan is clearly decided after a discussion with a variety of block chains in the region, which will begin early next year.n
nThe report also pointed out that the plan also set some restrictions, such as the use of Bitcoat to pay the tax shall not exceed 250 Swiss francs (about 265 US dollars).n
nThe report quoted the mayor of the city of Chisso, Bruno Arrigoni, who pointed out that the city is internationally recognized as Switzerland’s growing technology and economic center.n
nChisso is known as the “CryptoPolis” (CryptoPolis), will be positioned as the Swiss chain chain center Zug city rival. It is reported that in the past few months, there have been eight start-up companies set up in Kyrgyzstan.n
nZuge as Switzerland’s “encrypted valley” in the international enjoy a high reputation, the city in 2016 has been announced to allow the public to use digital money to pay government services. However, Zug and did not take any measures to provide residents with the choice of special currency tax.n

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