A U.S. Republican congressional candidate receives the largest ever donation in Bitcoin

nStorms commentary: Since Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies became active, some politicians in the United States began accepting encrypted money donations during the campaign. These people themselves are often also backers of cryptocurrencies. Recently, a Republican called Austin Petersen received a donation of 0.284 bitcoin, which is by far the largest bitcoin donation. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, we may see more of this new phenomenon in future political activities.n
nTranslation: Inan
Austin Petersen, a Republican who is participating in the U.S. Missouri Senate election, is now accepting bitcoin donations to achieve this goal. Petersen was a Liberal who has become known among young voters for his love of bitcoin. In December last year, the 36-year-old political official said in an interview:n
n”I am a big fan of the digital money community because it represents the ultimate decentralization.”n
nThis week, the Federal Election Commission records show that Petersen received the largest digital currency donation in the history of the United States – 0.244 bitcoin (about $ 4,500 at the price it received the donation). Petersen received a total of 24 pennies from the campaign, and his team received the donation through Bitpay, an Atlanta processor.n
When asked about recent bitcoin donations, campaign manager Jeff Carson said:n
n”More on the way to campaign donations and funding, I think the next thing is going to happen, where Austin is itself a fan of market competition, in terms of dollar donations.” With the rise of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, The situation is easy to understand. “n
nPetersen said in September last year that he would like to see “easing restrictions on monetary policy.” Later, he also proposed that he hoped the Federal Reserve will cancel the private banking system.n
Petersen explains:n
n”I want to introduce legislation that will centralize the monetary unit so that the competition is legalized and the gold, silver and cryptocurrency are competing and this will cause the price to soar.”n
nPreviously, some politicians in the United States also accepted bitcoin donations. As early as 2014, Democrat Jared Polis of Colorado received a bitcoin donation while campaigning. Republican Sen. Rand Paul from Kentucky also won bitcoin in 2016 for the presidential election.n

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