A US congressional candidate announced a special currency donation in the 2018 general election

nnnPost Comment: Yesterday, the US House of Representatives candidate Patrick Nelson announced the start of a special currency donation. It is reported that Patrick Nelson is running for a seat in the 21th constituency of New York, and he is also one of the three candidates for the Democratic nomination. And in the past several election cycles, there have been other US public candidates to accept special currency donations. However, it is reported that the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) is considering whether to change the special currency donation rules, the bit currency as cash.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nUS House of Representatives candidate today announced that it has begun to accept Bitcoin donations.n
nPatrick Nelson is running for a seat in New York’s 21th constituency. According to the local newspaper The Times Union reported in February, Nelson had filed a campaign application in January.n
nAs a supporter of Bernie Sanders and a former New York State legislator, Nelson is pursuing a reform plan before the November 2018 election. According to public records, he is one of the three candidates seeking a nomination by the Democratic Party.n
nNelson is being funded by the payment processor BitPay, who in response to the forward-looking issue, while he announced his acceptance of Bitcoin’s donation. Nelson had previously received a donation in the quarter of the seat of the Stillwater City Council in 2015, but his election ended in failure.n
nNelson said:n
nn”The goal of our campaign is to bring the 21st century policy into Zone 21. This means that we have to accept innovation and new technologies like block chains and Bitcoin.”n
nnSince the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) briefly summarized the relevant rules in this regard, the US government has approved the use of Bitcoin in political elections.n
nThe current cap for a single bit of special currency is $ 100, which is seen as a “physical” donation in which people can provide valuable assets to the campaign, which can then be sold. Once the asset is sold, the candidate has 10 days to include the proceeds in his official election fund.n
nIn the past several election cycles there are other US public candidates to accept the special currency donation. This included Kentucky State legislator Rand Paul, who had been hit by an encrypted currency donation during the 2016 presidential election.n
nHowever, as CoinDesk previously reported, FEC is considering whether to change the special currency donation rules. In a meeting last September, the members of the committee began to discuss whether to treat Bitcoin as cash.n

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