A variety of factors that lead to the fall of the bitcoin, the future of the digital currency is worrying

Various factors causing the bitcoin decline in the currency of the future is worrying

This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden! We recently bitcoin fell are heard, many people are looking for the main reason bitcoin fell, in fact, before we said bitcoin if it continues to surge, it really can be said to be a myth.

What is the reason that bitcoin continued to slump? We look at it from various angles! The first is bitcoin, itself is a worthless thing, its price is up for speculation, is to use the so-called concept of future speculation up, so to be able to rise to a very exaggerated price in a short period of ten years, and another reason is that bitcoin does not have any mechanism or countries to control him to control, so it is also the price of no one can control it, the only real bitcoin holds a large number of people can control the whole situation. Here you have to discharge behind bitcoin will have what kind of mysterious people, as we all know, is the inventor Lianbi bitcoin founder Nakamoto is a fictional character, and now no one can prove, in the end who is Nakamoto himself, then he is doing behind this system, really as he said, bitcoin is only 21 million, no one can go to prove.

These years into the bitcoin market, which really make money to know how many people? From the side of a lot of buying bitcoin people, we know that many of them are from the 17 years that a bitcoin scraping into the evil wind bitcoin market, who knows on the way down after entering! Until now the price fell to $more than 3200, really made a lot of people have lost money!

However, we have to see what other factors will make bitcoin prices fell, in fact, there is another reason, is now more and more digital currency, digital currency so as to build out the block chain technology is not only the bitcoin as an investment view, bitcoin the price is higher than other digital currencies, very much, so if you really want to choose investment, real play, digital currency people they will choose other digital currencies! Because this is a practice of ordinary people are able to understand, the same thing, they will certainly choose cheap things, it is more cost-effective, and now bitcoin declined significantly, also let a lot of people who own bitcoins began to shake the expectation of their original bitcoin.

For the price of bitcoin contact down, some of you what kind of view? The comments below express your views, make complaints about it! This is U in the 100, make complaints about exclusive content without permission is forbidden!

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