A week fell 38%, bitcoin mining machine by catty sale, game player declared bankruptcy

“Mills by catty sale hot search, this is because the bitcoin price cut lead, according to statistics, bitcoin in less than 1 years fell by 80%, even the biggest” virtual currency “collapse, whether this means that the new currency circle catastrophe? In November 14th, bitcoin prices are still hovering around $6400, but for nearly a week, bitcoin plunged 38%. Beijing time 21 days at 4:30 in the morning, coinbase bitcoin platform price has fallen below $4100, breaking the record of the last 13 months.

The netizen said: micro-blog assets fell to 85% is not bankrupt, if you count, I did not expect to declare bankruptcy, down up so fast. Sorry friends together to buy coins.

“Mills by catty sale is boarded the micro-blog real time hot search list, people only 10 yuan 2000 yuan.

With bitcoin prices plummeted, bitcoin mining “mine” also encountered “mine”, some small and medium-sized mines forced to resell mill closed liquidation.

More netizens posted a picture of the scene bitcoin mining machine recovery, mining machine is really sold on the pounds?

By the end of 2017, bitcoin prices exceeded $20 thousand, reached a historical peak. In 2010, people spent 10 thousand bitcoin, buy a $25. Just 7 years time, bitcoin skyrocketed to 400 million times! At the beginning of this year, bitcoin prices reached $19299, perhaps things, since the opening, bitcoin opened the “fall” mode, the bubble finally burst! Bitcoin is really worth? Or high prices? I’m afraid only experienced the catastrophe Haicang people would feel.

“Currency bitcoin circle” boss like this, not to mention other coins, have plummeted. Bitcoin prices plummeted today, bitcoin mining machine by catty sale who expect currency speculation overnight, how are you?

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