A year ago today, bitcoin rose to the highest point in history, and today……

Source: smart finance network

Smart finance APP found in Beijing December 17, 2017, bitcoin overall market value has hit a record of $326 billion 500 million, then the price soared to $19565.5.

Today (December 17, 2018), at the time of its price has dropped to $3288.1, compared to the same period last year has plunged 83.2%.

With the encrypted digital currency closely connected with eco mills, has almost been ignored, No one shows any interest in. Once the price to tens of thousands, even tens of thousands of stir machine, a variety of models has dropped to less than ninety percent off.

There have been some news, due to a sharp decline in the currency market, encryption, bit off into the bear market, Israel’s BitmaintechIsrael Research Center Ananna lai.

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