ABC lead developer: 2 exahash hashrate mysterious disappearance, CoinGeek could be in the offing an attack

 ABC lead developer: 2 exahash hashrate mysterious disappearance, CoinGeek could be in the offing an attack

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BCH bifurcation, and survived after bifurcation successfully upgraded to celebrate Bitcoin ABC ABC, the supporters of a live. ABC chief Amaury S developer Chet is part of a live, he said, according to public data, BCH mining pool CoinGeek is probably ready to launch attacks on the ABC chain. He said, after they have 2 in bifurcation, exahash is not yet put into use.

CoinGeek has yet to give up the attack?

In a few hours after the start of live, S Chet joined in the discussion:

If you think you have a better plan, as I think the plan of BCH is better than BTC, then you can compete in the open market, the result is either we are right, we win, or that we are wrong, BTC win, this is no problem, because this is normal market competition.

But we now see is…… Or that we do not see the CoinGeek and BMG operator. They is completely disappeared, we did not find that this part was put into force. This tells me, they have 2 exahash hidden work force, and they are ready to attack.

Now the situation is not open market competition. Now the situation is that our enemy is a attack. At this stage, we must regard them as an attacker.

He said, if someone wants to bifurcate, namely SV bifurcation, he won’t have what opinion, he will bless SV. But if they are going to attack BCHABC, then they will receive the same treatment.

The longest chain is not necessarily the most safe

Someone asked S Chet, ABC need to dig out how many pieces of the network is safe? He answered, has nothing to do with how many blocks out, because at this stage of the two block chain is not compatible.

He said that the main threat is the disappearance of the work force, ABC network may therefore attack.

So CoinGeek is where? May be dug in normal BTC, since the end of their bifurcation will no longer need to dig or dig SV; in ABC, the network in the past few hours is up; but there may be brewing a malicious attack that is like S Chet said.

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