Absurdity and reality block chain application

 Absurdity and reality block chain application

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March 1995, Hangzhou, night. Ma Yun home sat 24 friends are Jack Ma 4 years met in the teaching evening classes of foreign people, Ma Yun want to hear these people do foreign trade on Internet business needs. Then, Ma Yun began to preach the Internet, he spoke for two hours. Ma Yun finished, friends asked 5 questions, Jack Ma did not answer. 23 friends against Ma Yungan Internet: “you open a bar, restaurant, office of evening,! This is not dry!”

Only one person said: “if you really want to do it, but you can try.” The man called Song Weixing, would later become “China pages” shareholders, but to the 1995 at the end of the year will soon withdraw.

At that time, the Internet is too mysterious, very few people can see the value of. Most people think that domestic Internet is an entertainment; the Americans just think the Internet is a very innovative idea. In fact, we were wrong.

– “boiling 15 years”

Today, a firm block chain is the next generation of the Internet is certainly value, we no longer need to bank and cash, some people think that the blockchain will change the social system……

There are always people in the new dream, to catch up with the reality of the pace, creating a new era. Outside the people watching the blockchain how to create fantastic dreams, the venue of the people in the reality side and self entanglement, while the realization of the dream itself.

01 blocks from the chain project to exchange solemn vows and pledges unfulfilled embarrassed

Before a block chain project launched, if not to set up a flag in the white paper (Yuan Jing), may be difficult to have people willing to pay for it. Let’s take a look at those years block chain project made the exchange solemn vows and pledges:

Bitcoin, electronic cash system point to point. However, the reality is that with bitcoin prices higher, and the time delay of the transaction confirmation, we even difficult to have bitcoin, let alone use it to pay a transaction.

Ethernet square, a Turing complete programming language block chain. However, the reality is that although there have been hundreds of it based on sponsored projects, and more than 1000 runs on the DApp, but because of lack of their own performance, a popular game is enough to let the network paralysis, we experience the feeling is too bad.

EOS, create a million level transaction processing capabilities (TPS) block chain system. However, the reality is that the first EOS current TPS is only 2822 times / sec. In addition, recently RAM and CPU resources dispute also reveals the weakness of EOS. If I was a developer, no money may have no way to release a game; if I were a game player, influenced by the system I still might not be able to have a good experience.

In addition to these star chain in public transit projects and more embarrassed, because in 2018 the arrival of a bear market, facing break money troubles, reduce expenditure cuts, the slow progress of the project, no heat, not to mention that the promise of the future.

02 see block chain and not see the raging like a storm block chain +”

From start-up companies to the Internet giant, “blockchain +” is becoming a trend, and even overshadowed the limelight “Internet plus”. Even if the “blockchain +” has covered all areas of life, but not to play money people, block chain is almost invisible.


 Absurdity and reality block chain application

The source distribution block chain industry in China: chain tower data

According to the chain column statistics show that the current global block chain project number increased to 1620 (continues to update), the average daily will have more than 2 Global block chain project was included. China block chain project number 786, accounting for 48.5%, almost half of the country “”.

In fact, most people do not see the blockchain, main block and chain landing application point of view, the current technology of the main chain block is to provide service for enterprise users, which focuses on the end of B.

For example, clearing the link in financial institutions, the consensus mechanism blockchain, accelerate the efficiency of clearing and settlement, make cross-border transfers, inter-bank transfer business more efficient. For example, block chain in the blacklist exchange, can do the certification process of different B end enterprises in the black and white list sharing services.

Of course, according to the process of computing in the cloud and the blockchain, gave birth to the Baas service (application development and technology extension layer). This is mainly to provide services for developers to build application block chain technology based on this technology layer using almost no restrictions, smart contracts, distributed computing, data services, BaaS etc..

Internet Co and the blockchain company deployed in the field of BaaS is very eye-catching, block chain companies have all chain, paper science and technology, the traditional Internet companies aliyun, Jingdong, 58 and so on, so it is the current To B end services is a big part of.

 Absurdity and reality block chain application

Table: block chain usage scenarios

In the application of the scene, can be applied to block chain Internet platform developed on its own business platform manufacturers, but for different types of developers have focused on.

Provide the infrastructure layer service open platform Tencent and HUAWEI blockchain bottom, more suitable for the state-owned large enterprises, developers, to improve its service system. Thunder and the block chain can be both B and C terminal, suitable for the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual developers to use. Jingdong blockchain is currently mainly used in supply chain traceability, more suitable for the B brand development platform end use.

At present, the blockchain technology really want to do To C or landing difficult, this bottleneck and block chain technology itself, for example, if you want to meet the To C end, TPS has not yet reached the requirements.

In comparison, To B is more flexible. All along, the goal is to connect all the Internet, enterprise B terminal market is coveted by many Internet companies, but also the use of block chain technology can solve the enterprise has long been confused the problem of “information island”.

But because the B side resources mostly by government and monopoly of large companies, and has a very complex chain of interest, so the B end in the application process of the blockchain in slow progress.


03 flower block chain technology and block chain of sacred spirit


In the blockchain believers, change the world may not block chain, but the chain block inside spirit. Block key chain project most poked pain, is accused of: “you go against the spirit of the blockchain!”

In 2008, Nakamoto bitcoin released a white paper, the bitcoin system launched in 2009, it is essentially a combination of a variety of technical innovation, so as to achieve a tamper, prevent various accounting mechanism of fraud. When we talk about the network, frequently used “equality” and “cooperation” and “trust” and other words.

So, what exactly is the blockchain spirit? If the block chain technology to construct trust digital machine, chain blocks to the center of the human spirit is the awakening of trust.

Although the league, also uses a private chain chain block chain technology, but because they have no Token incentive, unable to realize the socialization of accounting, there is still the risk of cheating. Therefore, there has been no private chain alliance chain chain block real identity, even dubbed the “castrated block chain”.

In addition, even if the block chain project BAT obtained many patents play maker, enjoys high prestige in court, but was despised by the blockchain community. Because the blockchain spirit also contains the spirit of open source, block chain technology should be open to the community, by the community to update and iteration, but not all.

 Absurdity and reality block chain application

EOS arbiter ready to withdraw the confirmed transaction records by anonymous users

In addition, driven purely by the EOS community also frequently labelled “blockchain charges against the spirit”. Since EOS is online, the establishment of the core Arbitration Forum plays the role of “judge” and the 21 super node is similar to the “governor” identity, in the name of security withdrawal confirmation of the transaction, or freeze questioned account, these acts are subject to community dissatisfaction.

On the one hand is a common flowering block chain technology, one is constantly being blockchain offensive spirit, perhaps this is a form of metaphysics and science and dialectics, is the pursuit of pure spirit, or the pursuit of practical material?

04 block chain landing is really difficult, we need time!

Although the bitcoin system launched in 2009, but the blockchain technology since 2015 before the rise. The development of the analogy of the Internet, 20 century 70 the initiation of the Internet, but it was not until the beginning of the 21 century, the Internet really landing development, it experienced decades of development time. Block chain also belongs to the early, to block chain project, they need time.

A new report financial market intelligence and consulting firm Greenwich Associates shows that 57% of the block chain practitioners believe that this process is far more difficult than expected. To replace the deployment of enterprise technology has existed for decades the traditional market structure is not a simple task.

Iterative 1. block chain itself needs time. On the one hand, the next block chain by public chain form, contract mechanism and what kind of security, the industry is still under exploration. On the other hand, the design of the block chain consensus mechanism related to the consensus process may be slow incentive mechanism design flaws, it also needs time to explore.

Accept the block chain need time 2. traditional enterprises. Block chain technology is for the entire industry, industry, multiple subject collaborative services, is to construct ecological, and not for a service enterprise. Therefore, it requires all the partners on the ecological chain, this is not just a block chain technology, but according to the needs of industry pain points, resource integration and docking in the industry, to promote the construction of the ecological chain block.

3. training high-quality innovative team needs time. A revolutionary breakthrough in the blockchain is most likely to occur in the innovative team, the team’s comprehensive ability requirements are high, in particular should have three abilities. First, the understanding of the industry; second, the ability to grasp the block chain technology; third, system integration capability. The formation of these capabilities also need time to.

4. need time to establish a sound regulatory framework. Standards and specifications for a variety of technical systems lack these problems and challenges to the application of the floor block chain.

Market research firm Gartner in 90s summed up a technique called “The Hype Cycle cycle curve” model, namely how a new technology in the hope and disappointment all kinds of cold and stir down among the people, maturation and evolution.


 Absurdity and reality block chain application

The technology cycle curve model

Cycle of new technology needed experienced roughly 5 stages: the birth of the actuator, the bubble peak period, the high expectations of the bottom of the valley period, steady climb the light period, substantial production period.

The block chain may be in a third stage of bubble in the bottom of the valley, similar to the 1998 years of the Internet, the subsequent development will gradually stabilized, and need longer practice.

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