Accenture “editable block chain” technology is patented

nnAdventure commentary: Accenture is developing a block-chain technology to obtain a patent. The technology is a permissible chain that allows parties to change data if necessary, focusing on how to correct when an error occurs. Accenture believes that this technology is conducive to making the block chain more mature, but also intention to open the source in accordance with the requirements of the technology, so that it can help more people who need it.n
nTranslated by: Inan
Accenture has been granted a patent for its “editable block chain” development.n
Accenture announced for the first time last year that it wanted to create a license chain that would allow parties to change their data in the event of an error or fraud. The move sparked criticism from some observers, some of whom questioned the need for distributed databases in addition to tamper-resistant features.n
However, its complete patent application details how the system works in practice. The secret of the control key may be shared by one or more parties. In some cases, multiple individuals may have a secret part, which means that access to the account needs to be approved by the entire group.n
David Treat, Accenture’s block chain practice general manager, said the company’s work on the concept of editable block chains “focused on solving the challenges of repairing at the time of error”, thus helping technology to mature.n
He told CoinDesk:n
n”This invention adds a series of options, especially for the choice of online data structures, we are excited about the adoption of patent applications, and our overall goal is to use DLT innovation to enable the technology to be used for enterprise IT.”n
nTreat said that this technology is still in the development stage, need to continue to “improve the prototype.” He also suggested that the company may eventually open source the technology.n
“There are a lot of people who are interested in this industry, and some require us to open source, and we are thinking about that,” he said.n

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