Accept bitcoin bank

Accept bitcoin bank

NextBank is the world’s first to accept bitcoin bank, it was a major event in the virtual currency industry.

NextBank bank’s goal is for the rest of the world’s virtual currency users with the convenience of banking services.

It also plans to launch international debit card, covering $traditional currency and a variety of virtual currency and other currencies, rapid transfer, hosting services, currency exchange and other services.

NextBank bitcoin is similar to other financial institutions, a bright future that block chain technology, and hopes to provide quality services for consumers, for the development of block chain technology and technology revolution for.

NextBank is the next step, “announced the establishment of NBFormation company”.

NextBank can provide great convenience for users, such as transaction fee is very low, common currency charge a fee of 0.2%, very use money to charge 0.4%.

And。 It also provides a single investment account of virtual currency and a variety of precious metal business.

The bank said, they provide more than 135 kinds of currency and precious metals investment.

For example bitcoin, Wright currency, the dollar, pound, gold, silver, platinum and palladium, these will be able to coexist in the same bank with an account, but the user can free storage for 60 months.

The Bank of another to attract users is that they can provide a variety of language services; they promise to provide more than 51 kinds of language services.

The bank believes that providing multilingual services can make workers more smoothly in communicating with customers, they also plan in 2016 to create the 7 firms in the world.

These firms were distributed in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Russia and Chinese.

Virtual currency personal accounts and business accounts of the bank, which is convenient for a user.

NextBank is independent of other financial institutions, any investor can become a shareholder of the bank.

Dividends can be returned to shareholders in the traditional currency and virtual currency in the form of financing began in October 2015, so stay tuned.

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