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Reporter: pencil boxn

Recently, Achain team launched a block chain browser. The role of this block-chain browser is to show the address of the block chain and financial trends.n
nIt is understood that through the use of this block chain browser (, you can query the following information:n
nn1, in the block chain on the block time, the block height of the entire block based on the basic informationn
n2, block details queryn
n3, the transaction records on the block query (address, capital trends)n
n4, the implementation of the contract on the chain of chain inquiriesn
nnIn addition, the block chain browser allows you to directly see the data recorded on the block, while the address and personal information is not linked, so that can guarantee the user’s personal privacy.n
nThe chain pencil ( learned that this browser was developed by community volunteer Arthur. To this end, pencil reporter interviewed Arthur, he shared many of the browser development process of the story.n
nArthur graduated from the Department of Software Engineering at Jilin University and currently works as a architect at a cutting-edge technology company. He has seven years of work experience, usually involved in open source projects, strong interest in the block chain technology. When asked how to associate with Achain, he replied that he had participated in Achain’s ICO roadshow in Beijing in July and had a strong interest in Achain’s new concept of the block chain, which culminated in the idea.n
nHe recalled that “after the ICO roadshow, I had a simple communication with Mr. Aimain, founder of Achain, and I had a detailed consultation about some of Achain’s core mechanisms in the conversation and learned that Achain was an open source project and welcomed any volunteer To join. “In addition, he also learned some important information about Achain:n
nn1, Achain processing efficiency than other block chain has greatly improved, can reach 1000TPS, is the ether square 10 timesn
n2, the use of more secure, fair and efficient consensus mechanism RDPOS (the ether is also to this consensus mechanism to change)n
n3, in the block chain development contract to do the optimization, reducing the difficulty of contract development, improve the contract security. Through Iua, java, c #, etc., you can write a contract, so that the block chain more ground gas.n
nnAfter listening to the Achain project, Arthur described the feelings of the time, “I feel very excited, want to participate in. I was asked Meng, as a not Achain internal staff can not participate in it, the Achain do He was very welcome to me because he wanted to make Achain an open community, and he invited me to join the Achain team as a volunteer. “In his view, Achain is an open community, through this public chain, you can achieve a lot of idea.n

nAt the same time, he also hopes to through their own technology, so that ordinary people can be closer to the block chain, see it very strong side. Subsequently, Arthur introduced this block-chain browser to pencilists. He said that considering the original intention of the Achain team is made into an open source community, so in the technical selection, he chose the most popular spring cloud framework to facilitate the late open source.n
nOn the spring cloud, he believes that this technology framework is now very powerful community strength, the latter part of the development of power, its threshold is very low. Then they are in this framework, the development of the block chain browser, so that we can clearly see the entire block of transactions and funds into and out of the record.n
nWhen it comes to working with the Achain team, the volunteer told reporters:n
nn”I was going to work on weekends or at night, and they were very happy to share some of the core knowledge with me. At the weekend, they would be active in some of the chain-chain training. come join.”n
nnFrom the interaction with the Achain team, he learned about the block chain, including some of the underlying implementation of Achain, the block-chain browser awareness more clearly. For future community work, Arthur thinks the block-chain browser is just a start, and there’s still a lot of work to do. Block chain is now only the entire transaction in front of the user, but many of the above contract, has not yet shown. Therefore, his next plan is to fight with the Achain team to communicate, the contract work, including the contract show, added to the block chain, the block chain is more perfect.n
nAt the end of the interview, he said he was honored to be the first batch of volunteers because of the close contact with Achain, the distance learning block chain. At the same time, he also hopes that more people will participate in the future, so that the pace of development can be accelerated. So he is also very much welcome more community volunteers to join, and he did as meaningful things.n
nEarlier, in the 2017 fourth block chain international summit, Achain project founder Cui Meng has said:n
nn”The growth and development of the Achain community requires community partners to build together, and we welcome all the block chain enthusiasts to join our community and hope and look forward to working with more partners to witness the booming digital asset market.”n
nnIt is understood that the current Achain community already has Simons Chain, LinkEye, GC, SelfSell, BlackStone, Ashare, Skycoin, Ourdax, Study Chain, Theone, VCash and many other partners, and this list is still increasing.n
nAchain Community Volunteer Recruitment Programn

nAchain community is Achain project effort to build for many block chain enthusiasts to build a communication platform. The Achain community brings together leading edge technology and a team of industry experience in the chain chain.n
nIn order to promote the community to continue to grow and provide active learning and exchange opportunities, invite everyone to participate in community building, together to create a more quality community services and work. The following is the recruitment information:n
nAchain team hopen
nn1. Voluntary participation in community services, with good professionalism and physical condition;n
n2. Have experience or interest in the sector chain and are willing to take advantage of free time to participate in community services;n
n3. Has a wealth of industry resources, patient, passionate, able to obey the arrangements of community managers, and actively complete the task;n
nVolunteer’s returnn
nn1. Become a community service provider, will be informed in advance of the block chain within the field of significant industry insider information;n
n2. With the timely completion of the community to promote the distribution of cooperation matters, the community will be at the end of each month (September start) out of the month one of the best community volunteers. Give a reward for Apple phone;n
n3. In coordination with the completion of new projects on the line, the community will participate in the project and make a significant contribution to the selection of volunteers in the TOP 5, given the amount of indefinite internal subscription share;n
n4. You can always participate in the project organized by the project from time to time to listen to the guests of the wonderful presentation and sharing of coffee;n
n5. Have the opportunity to be invited to face to face with the mysterious guests;n
n6. Other bonuses such as red envelopes will be received from time to time, and specific dates will be released in advance of the community;n
napplication time n
nSince August 22, 2017, the time is not limited.n
napplication process n
n1. Application form: download and fill out the “Achain Community Volunteer Application Form”, ( Password: ec5n) and send it to email, the email title fill in “name Achain Community Volunteer Application “.n
n2. Completion of the audit within 1 business day after receipt of the application.n
nIf you have any other questions about the application, please email hi@achain.comn

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