Afghan women how to use bitcoin to change life

Afghan women how to use bitcoin to change life

     Very convenient. The transfer of our life is almost impossible in afghanistan. However, this does not prevent some women living in the education of women who carry out them and seek funding for its. Abandon the traditional legal tender and bill service, they choose to use bitcoin.

You live in a variety of contradictions and oppression under the environment of no power to change life, is impossible almost very convenient. The transfer of our lives. However, this does not prevent some living in Afghanistan and women carry out women’s education and seek their money for the. Abandon the traditional legal tender and bill service, they choose to use bitcoin. This idea also inspired the co-founder of Blockchain NicholasCary.

This is also a problem of women in Afghanistan FereshtehForough need to overcome. Before she was born, her family because of the tense situation in Afghanistan and were forced to leave their homes. After they moved to Iran, but in 2002 the Taliban regime of bankruptcy as refugees returned to afghanistan.

A few years later, she was admitted to the University of Afghanistan, Herat received a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology, to study German information technology master’s degree of Berlin Institute of technology. And she gets these rich sources of knowledge and inspiration, the day after.

But the Afghan society is not as Fereshteh like easy integration, especially as a learning technology female is more challenging. It is difficult to find a job, so she moved to another city to seek better opportunities to start their own business, and in the city, 85% of the women had received any education.

“These I see based on, I think Afghan women can succeed in an environment, so I set up a CodetoInsipire.” This is a non-profit organization headquartered in Herat, to help women to encoding. Fereshteh also wants to establish a laboratory procedure, and carry out an education project, so that the woman is no longer a “blind”, but also teach them how to develop a career in online free.

显然,对一个非盈利组织来说,资助是十分重要的。 Although people and institutions are willing to donate, but because Fereshteh is a born in Iran as a refugee, she does not have proof of identity in afghanistan. We know that no one is the traditional transfer service can help you to confirm your identity in the remittance case.

The Fereshteh wants to establish the CodeToInsipire and volunteers need to transfer, many companies have refused to serve her, or want to charge up to 50% of the cost.

So she began to look to the bitcoin. The bitcoin completely free transaction process changes the organization operation mode. The money was received and all volunteers, transaction data is also stored by chain block.

Fereshteh told the media said: “I am the digital resident Fund (DigitalCitizenFund) is one of the founders, we use the Bitlanders platform to reward Afghanistan to participate in the activities of people. We will pay them with dollars, but now the international transfer in Afghanistan is very troublesome.”

“Most of our members are girls in school, they have yet to apply for a bank account of the age; and even if the bank account can apply for other people are not, because the main form of the current Afghanistan is still a cash transaction. Afghanistan can not use PayPal. The remittance is not convenient because of its high fees.”

So in February 2014 when we started using bitcoins.

NicolasCary said: “I think bitcoin can create a world of equality, we are involved in a new financial order is the only proper course to take.”

For this Fereshteh very agree. Teach her students in learning outside she also share some encoding, the knowledge on digital currency. “We think that digital currency is a full potential tool for no bank account in the society of people, and can make the Afghan women gaining economic independence.”

“I think that one can directly make people interact is great. It is not only to save time, you can also save a lot of transaction costs. In addition, the massive chain bitcoin trading information stored on all networks, which creates transparency and prevent corruption.”

In the Fereshteh organization, and more than one person she support bitcoin. Her students also support. For the underdeveloped countries like in Afghanistan, digital currency is definitely a very enlightening education tool, especially to gain economic independence of women in the global economy in terms of.

“It really be of great advantage for everyone, especially for those young girls because of security, traditional and cultural reasons and the retreat. One of the main tasks of the CodetoInspire is to help the Afghan women learn how to find a job on the Internet and through the network to get paid. Because they do not worry about the gender restrictions and not involving some work in reality.”

At present, Fereshteh CodetoInspire and her organization is the British website Indiegogo to raise the public to seek financial support in the project page can also be donated. The famous bitcoin company BitFury is one of the major donors. BitFury CEOValeryVavilov is certainly the work of Fereshteh. He said: “now the technology has been globalization, in order to make it more progress, we need to encourage all participants. BitFury is willing to help these smart and enterprising young women to pursue the dream.”

CodetoInsipire and Fereshteh’s work confirms a point: we have long known technology to change the fate of. Bitcoin is undoubtedly an important part in contemporary science and technology. Fereshteh said: “the money is like a digital equalizer, like the early days of the internet.” “There are not yet fully accepted, because we don’t fully understand it. Which of course need time. The length of time depends on which country you live in, and the country’s economic system is ready. I think the country is certainly need more effort and resources and time to implement digital currency technology.”

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