After a brief stop because of “instability,” Microsoft re-accepted Bitcoin payments

nWalkout comment: last week, due to excessive volatility in bitcoin prices, lack of stability, Microsoft briefly stopped bitcoin payment function. Now, the technology giant has resumed Bitcoin payments. According to CoinDesk reports, online games platform Steam also stopped bitcoin payment in early December. The bitcoin price is still fluctuating after setting a record high one month ago, but the overall downward trend.n
nTranslation: Clovern
Technology giant Microsoft’s online store once again accept Bitcoin payments.n
Bleeping Computer news that Microsoft briefly stopped bitcoin trading last week, the source said the encrypted cryptocurrency “unstable.” The technology giant sources added that the reason is most likely due to the current high price volatility of bitcoin and the high fees.n
An unnamed Microsoft spokesman has now confirmed to that it has resumed Bitcoin payments.n
She said:n
n”After discussing with the vendor, we’ve reinstated the option to pay for bitcoin in the online store to ensure that customers can redeem lower bitcoin amounts.”n
nAccording to CoinDesk, Steam, an online games platform, stopped Bitcoin payments in early December, citing long-term issues with the high transaction costs of encrypted currencies and unstable prices.n
This is at a time of extreme change in bitcoin prices. Just a month earlier than her price soared to a record high of around 20,000 U.S. dollars. Since then, bitcoin prices have been fluctuating, but the overall downward trend. As of press time, CoinDesk bitcoin price index shows bitcoin transaction price of 13770 US dollars.n
Microsoft added bitcoin as a payment option for digital products for the first time in 2014, enabling U.S. customers to purchase content, games and video in Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox platforms using digital currency.n

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