After the bitcoin crash, mills said: some people 100 thousand pounds sold only 2000 yuan

For the entire bitcoin market and is now used to describe the most appropriate one disaster after another, but the Disasters pile up on one another. 10 the end of the month when the price is still around $6400, but in recent weeks, bitcoin plunged nearly 38%.

As of the morning of November 21st, coinbase platform BTC price fell below $4100, hit a 13 month low.

“Bitcoin crash” and “bitcoin mining machine breakdown cost” two topics are on the micro-blog hot search list, nearly 100 million of the total amount of reading time.

The successive decline, bitcoin prices have more than one machine breakdown cost, namely the mining income is insufficient to pay the fee and management fee.

According to one of the largest mineral pool pond data, including the S7, T9, A741 and Avalon older machine models, had arrived off the price.

After the small bitcoin mine mill hill of general waste heap in the yard, even being in accordance with the price of scrap catty to sell “such information began circulating on the internet.

Really see is mine on the pounds sold video or a bit shocked, but before the machine shake Qian Shu ah, however good times don’t last long after three months, sideways bitcoin ushered in the fall, now below its cost, its sale, people have a feeling regret.

The coin ring faces: 100 thousand people only 2000 yuan

Bitcoin, since 2009 is Nakamoto “invention, according to the model, using the computational capability, resulting in the bitcoin system block (block) in the ongoing” Hashi collision “, to win the right to obtain the reward system of accounting, bitcoin. The boring and repetitive, at a bit more than the industry known as “mining”, engaged in this work is called “miners”.

Now, in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other domestic distribution of some small and medium-sized mines, in the currency price continued to decline, but its secondary winding has been sold.

In the secondary trading platform idle fish can also search found that recently a sharp increase in second-hand information monopoly mining equipment. A year ago the price of up to twenty-one thousand units of the vehicle, second-hand sale price of only 1000 yuan.

Similar to the liquidation of the mine, the 11 month 20 days, there is a hosting platform also issued a liquidation announcement. A force is investment platform said that due to ant S9 contract since November 7, 2018 to November 16, 2018 has been ten consecutive days to pay management fees and charges. According to the “hashrate cast stress service agreement”, if ten consecutive days of contract revenue is not enough to pay management fees and charges, a force contract is automatically terminated.

From the beginning of last week’s BCH (bitcoin cash) hashrate war began, the gradual decline in the price of bitcoin, coupled with the current Sichuan dry season, power shortage, mining costs are high, so under the influence of these factors, led to the emergence of this situation.

However, BCH is also benefit from the war, is the bitcoin network decreased by about 8% from the peak, this also let some miners see hope, so some people leave some people buy second-hand liquidation, the phenomenon of machine approach.

“Can say money slow, but can earn money.” A miner optimistic.

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