After the CCTV hot search, how many people are waiting for the bitcoin slump?

A week ago, the Macao Cong on twitter propaganda bitcoin miners: “if you switch is to dig BCH, we will sell a large number of BTC! BTC has no room for profit, the price will drop to $1000!”

After a week, bitcoin prices fell nearly 30%, fell below 30 thousand yuan, investors sold out, the miners sold by catty mill, even once mine business owner to start a micro business selling silk stockings. For a long time have not been reported for bitcoin two sets of CCTV also analyze why bitcoin plummeted.

Cash is pushing hard bit bifurcation of the selloff, investors believe that bitcoin bifurcation will lead to the scarcity of variation, existing bitcoin value will be diluted, selling professional caution “confidence will inevitably lead to the weakening of retail, also make the digital currency market has continued to decline the possibility.”

Good news goes on crutches, qiuckly, bitcoin “horror” by the mainstream media “, the Internet everywhere rush about telling the news around spreading” with “biggest bubble collapse in history! “Bitcoin,” within a year “,” evaporation 1 trillion bitcoin investors claim bankruptcy “and so on the article, once let bitcoin evaporation 1 trillion” to the fifth micro-blog hot search, Baidu hot search first position.

There is a large number of eating melon audience, some schadenfreude “bought the regret the intestines are green?” Yes, this is the “sniff at Ponzi had said don’t play”…… He sent the collective set off firecrackers to celebrate the mouthing and post public opinion field for Zhu Geliang circle has been flattering old coins.

That bitcoin is quite amazing, people on its wall technology to its price by three points in awe, outsiders can always wall thereof, or will fall on foot, or regret, in the voices of hybridity, the future of bitcoin become increasingly blurred by bashing.

Bitcoin was born ten years, never missing mouthing, a number of websites of special statistical annual “bitcoin obituary” abroad, bitcoin has been 322 times of death.

According to statistics, from 2010 to 2013, bitcoin “times of death” in a digit measurement, with bitcoin out of the geek circle, it is the number of deaths increased year by year, in 2017, was declared the 125 “death”, it is said that this year the average every 3 days there is the mainstream media stand up mouthing it.

The Cong has not disappeared, the founder of Wikipedia to his overtures, think in the official donation column plus “bitcoin payment”, immediately be Nakamoto refused, the reason is bitcoin is still in the cradle, can not withstand the conflict and controversy of public opinion.

When bitcoin “grow up”, the user base increased, accompanied by the mainstream institutions and the media spotlight, Warren Buffett said bitcoin is mouse medicine “, the richest Bill Gates said” if there is a simple method, I will bitcoin short “attack, questioning, mouthing voice can be heard without end, whenever currency price fell, these sounds are coming out from all sides, the” bubble “two words with the highest frequency of appearance of bitcoin collocation.

Almost every day there are experts in economics or micro-blog V tell you that bitcoin is the largest in the history of the bubble. Although some digital currencies are overvalued, but the market has just begun, is full of every kind of speculation, but compared to the Internet bubble size, bitcoin bubble is still very small, at least over 40 times, in order to achieve the 2000 Internet bubble volume.

The coin circle has long been leading news and emotional, it really went into the mainstream crowd is not a long time, most investors do not have the depth, the uncertainty of the future to become a badly frightened person, over the past few years, the data show that the rise and fall is normal.

In 2011, bitcoin first rose from $0.3 to $31.5. After a few months from $32 to $1.99, down more than 93.8%; In 2013, bitcoin rose again over 100 times. In April of the same year, bitcoin in three days fell from $266 to $54.25, a decrease of 77.4%; By the end of 2013, bitcoin plummeted 92.5% in 83 days; this is a slump in the history of the largest bitcoin. Since bitcoin into a bear market for years. In 2014, bitcoin is still at the end of 2013 after the crash recovery. Because of events in Mentougou, prices fell from $867 to $439, a decline of nearly 50%; In September 2017, Chinese halted encryption currency transactions, bitcoin prices fell 37%.

If you want to ask “why bitcoin fell so fast, its answer is and why bitcoin rose so fast” the answer is the same. Bitcoin is a new technology, its value is difficult to measure, the price is driven by speculators.

When bitcoin rises, there were no complaints, no reason to find, everyone intoxicated; when bitcoin fell, everyone looking for responsible person in the mad: speculators, bitcoin exchange market manipulation, bifurcation, theft and so on. Stock legendary investor Peter Lynch said: “the market downturn will often happen, if you do not understand why always like this, then you are not ready, you don’t get good grades in the market.”

Some people say that this round has bottomed out, never fall; some people say that the bear market will last, wait until 2020 to change, these are any unilateral judgment and wise remark of an experienced person, can not affect the market trend. With the blogger’s words “runaway North”:

Experience are misleading many times. For example, many people will feel the bottom, he will not bottom. For example, many people think 2020 year 4 month bitcoin will halve the rose, may not rise. For example, many people think that there will be a bull market, bull market has not come. For example, 2 months later, you disappointed in the currency market, sold out, he started Manniu. Worth looking forward to a lot of things in life, bitcoin is one of them, but not all. But, this really worth you to look forward to. He does not require your degree, do not ask you what knowledge, what all don’t need. Is the only requirement, Ann endure patiently. This is not difficult, very simple.


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