After the crash two years bitcoin startups started to recover

After the crash two years bitcoin startups started to recover

You save money to balance treasure is different, some people prefer high risk investment. In addition to the stock, many geeks keen to invest in bitcoin virtual currency. But from December 2013 to today, bitcoin prices plunged nearly 70%.

Leave more than a group of speculators, and venture capital institutions. Statistics from CoinDesk and CrunchBase, compared with the previous quarter, bitcoin startups get less money in the third quarter of 45% 2015. But compared with that of last year, they actually raised more money.

This year the money these bitcoin startups are what? Most in the provision of financial services and infrastructure development. The underlying architecture, actually refers to the bitcoin system, a user operation to the center of the network.

All users a real-time record of each transaction, no person or company can control the situation. All transactions are recorded in a data block chain (blockchain) “public ledger. It is visible to anyone, so far, it has not been tampered with.

Bitcoin startup Chain is this kind of company. In September this year, the B round of financing, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange also involved, want to use data block chain technology to create new stock trading system, get rid of paper vouchers, so as to improve the processing speed of the transaction.

In addition, other industries are also full of imagination of the technology, such as music. At present, PeerTracks, Ujo and other start-up companies, are trying to use a similar data block chain of digital books recorded music downloads, then the royalties distributed directly to the artist.

It is based on the data block chain (blockchain) technology to angel investors MichaelTerpin than in previous years has also invested more bitcoin startups.

The traditional Financial Services Company also began to look for the start-up companies to help. Last week, American Express (AmEX) first cast technology companies. Let bitcoin startups AbraA round of financing to $12 million. Abra to do a mobile phone application, it can realize the real-time global transaction. And this provides users with a credit card, debit card and check travel service company, just want more money in international business and time.

And in January of this year into the bitcoin trading platform Coinbase third, is behind the NYSE investment. At the same time, the United States announced in 2 years of virtual currency legal after it became the first legitimate trading platform.

In addition, the EU also announced last week that bitcoin is a legitimate currency. According to the laws in Europe, since bitcoin is not a commodity, then the transaction is without additional pay taxes.

Whether the government or financial institutions, from the beginning of this year, they pay more attention to bitcoin. Compared with investors and venture capital lost in a complete mess in 2014, bitcoin market is recovering.

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