After the eight earthquake bitcoin, bitcoins at the bottom when, from the bottom of the previous bear market

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The once soaring 25 million times bitcoin, then plunged nearly 80% eight earthquake, earthquake occurred again yesterday.

24 hours, from 4373.35$to 3652.51, Cliff fell nearly 17%.

Then the fall of bitcoin, when will the bottom?

Lao Tzu sages said: hold ancient road, Royal now have.

So today we have to review the three bear market bitcoin history, some of our experience as reference

1, 2011/6/7 2011/11/16

At the beginning of 2011 the price of 1 U.S. dollars is still hovering around, then the Silk Road on the line, then “what is bitcoin” this video widely spread. In 3 consecutive months of skyrocketing prices to 4 months, bitcoin soared nearly 32 times to $31.91, ushered in the first bubble in history.

Then 2011/11/16 fell to $1.994, or up to 93.8%, which lasted 162 days, sideways time: February 24, 2012 May 31, 2012

In 2011 93.8% at the bottom of the bear market to decline to calculate

(1-0.938 = 20000) The bottom is $1240

The current price of $4000 to calculate the integer hunters

You have to do for a loss of 69%

(4000-1240) /4000=69.00%

2, 2013/11/30 2015/1/14

2013 years earlier, the Bank of Cyprus crisis (Cyprus government to freeze the transfer transaction, the people bank tax on bank deposit accounts of people in order to ensure their own wealth), rushed to withdraw deposits, panic buying bitcoin, bitcoin prices are $44, half year bitcoin soared nearly 26.4 times to $1163 in 2013/11/30,

Then 2015/1/14 fell to $152.4, or up to 86. 9%, which lasted 410 every day, time: 1 year 2015 month sideways 15 2015 years 10 months 13 days

If the 2013 86. 9% at the bottom of the bear market decline to calculate

(20000 = 1-0.869) The bottom is $2620

You have to do a good job loss for a 34.50%

(4000-2620) /4000=34.50%

3, 2017/12/17 so far

In early 2017, after bitcoin regained its $1000 due to currency opened copycat wealth effect, open the etheric Fang surge of the road, half jumped 50 times, open the 2017 digital currency bull prelude, small ant four months soared 120 times, resulting in a large number of investors into the digital currency market. Within a year, bitcoin rose nearly 20 times to 2017/12/17 $19891, then to today’s 2018/11/26 $4060, or up to 79.6%, and today has nearly a year

If the 85% decline to calculate

(1-0.85 = 20000) The bottom is $3000

Do you want to do For the loss of 25%

(4000-3000) /4000=25%

If the 90% decline to calculate

(20000 = 1-0.9) The bottom is $2000

Do you want to do For the loss of 50%

(4000-2000) /4000=50%

If the 95% decline to calculate

(1-0.95 = 20000) The bottom is $1000

You have to do for a loss of 75%

(4000-1000) /4000=75%

There is no good time to bear in a loss, please be careful hunters, do not think that only 20% of the decline, but he still can make you a loss of 50%, 75%, or even zero risk

Graham is the father of securities analysis, hunters of bankruptcy

From the experience of Graham, I hope you can be cautious not to borrow money, plus leverage hunters, hunters.

Bitcoin is highly speculative property, soaring prices, with great risk, this point of view, not as investment reference,

In the bitcoin 4067$, please indicate the source, thank you

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