After up to 20 million times, the world’s third largest asset bubbles, bitcoin will burst or!

Recently we have been doing investment market panic, A shares fell, Hong Kong stocks fell, U.S. stocks fell, oil prices fell, gold fell, even 8 years up to about 20000000 times the currency circle, also began to diarrhea……

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Than any other country in the stock market, Over the past 8 years, bitcoin ups and downs of the curve, more people crazy.

Before 2012, bitcoin only spread in Geek, fancier, the price of 1 to 11 dollar fluctuations. But in 2017, bitcoin reached its peak 19666 dollars A..

Even now (11/20 quotes) is 4400 dollars / piece. , experienced a wave of tragic fall, bitcoin also rose more than 570 million times This increase, more than the most famous in the history of mankind (tulip asset bubbles 200 times )!

Since the beginning of 2018, bitcoin prices have fallen to $66%, the total market value has shrunk to about four since the beginning of three.

For example, feel the tragic decline of digital currency:

If an investor at the beginning of the year to buy 10 coins and hold so far, so now, loss is about 58 million yuan, if buying a 20 bitcoin, the amount of loss will reach 116 million, about the first-tier cities lost a down payment.

This price is the breakdown of the machine cost.

The virtual currency began winding tide

When bitcoin 2009 just out of the $1 can exchange about 1300 bitcoin, which is the 1 value of gold is $0.00076.

2017 years 12 months to reach a peak of $19666 a year, 8 or more than 25 million times!

This increase speed, far more than the history of the famous tulip bubble.

Tulip price index

Now even if the fall of $4400, also rose more than 570 million times. But electricity accounts for 60% in bitcoin mining cost. This means that, with bitcoin prices fell sharply, bitcoin prices have quickly hit its cost.

Bitcoin together and fell into a bear market, and this market

The technology stocks bubble *

Yesterday, the U.S. stock market overnight dragged down technology stocks fell sharply again, the NASDAQ index fell more than 3%. Affected by this, the S & P 500 index and the Dow Jones index fell by about 1.6% each.

Among them, technology stocks once again become the hardest hit down.

Data show that apple fell 3.96% last night, Amazon fell 5.09%, the parent company Google Alphabet fell 3.82%, Microsoft fell 3.39%, while Facebook 5.72% decline also hit the lowest since February 2017, Netflix has dropped 5.45%.

This five company’s share price fell from highs 20%, Among them, the largest decline in Facebook, close to 40%. From the high point of the calculation, Five companies of the total market value of evaporation has exceeded trillion, equivalent to Mexico, Indonesia in 2017 GDP.

The American media has started to use the title to describe this terrible slump: FAANG five technology stocks as a whole into a bear market.

According to Wall Street’s definition, the share price from 52 weeks (one year) in the highs fell more than 20%, it means the arrival of a bear market.

As long as the interest rate, or will continue to fall

Brokerage Research Report analysis, The American economy is at the end of the biggest debt bubble in human history. And in the past year, the total liabilities of the United States has increased more than 2 trillion dollars And with the fed to raise interest rates, interest rates rise, American debt servicing costs will rise sharply, the stock market fell to become the culprit.

You know the power of the interest rate hike the central mother, more than, or will continue to fall……

In 2018, not only is the digital currency, emerging market debt stocks, basic metals and other risk assets are very large, has hardly found safe assets!

Today we talk about here, welcome to discuss………

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