Agrello global sale at 16:00 on July 16 officially began

nAgrello is a multi-field composite project of “Block Chain Legal Artificial Intelligence”, which is currently being developed on the platform of the Riverfront. Now the basic shape of the product. Agrello team in the past two months in the world roadshow, for the crowd to carry out publicity. Among them, China is visiting many cities, including Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai.n

nDuring contact with the encrypted currency team in the domestic industry, Agrello has collaborated with the small ant and yuan community to show that it will develop on the basis of the two underlying platforms. At the same time, Agrello has entered the legal market in China, has been in the famous Han Kun law firm, which provides local legal support. In addition, a number of exchanges that optimistic about the prospects of Agrello, where the coin exchange expressed a strong willingness to go online.n
nThe core members of the Agrello team are from Estonia in Europe, and Hando Rand, the project leader, has been in the field of law for many years. The chief scientist Alex Norta has many years of experience in smart contract development, both of whom are professors at Tallinn Polytechnic University.n
nAgrello for the world’s public sales will be in Beijing on July 16 at 20 o’clock, the official website, ICO Bank and coins for a long time to provide a way to sell. If the participation in the official website, the amount of investment equivalent to less than 2 BTC users do not need to be certified (KYC).n
nAll sale details:n
nAgrello public website: https: //
nICO Bank: https: //
nPercentage of each cycle:n
nJuly 16th 20:00 pm – July 18th 20:00: 1agrello = 0.0001BTCn
nJuly 18th 20:00 – – July 28th 20:00: 1agrello = 0.00011BTCn
nJuly 28th 20:00 – – August 07 20:00: 1agrello = 0.00012BTCn
nAugust 07th 20:00 – – August 17th 20:00: 1agrello = 0.00013BTCn
nnThe details of the dispatch dispatch are as follows:n
nFund: 10%n
nPartner: 7%n
nFounder: 7%n
nConsultant: 6%n
nCommunity pool: 4%n
nMarket: 66%n
nnAgrello’s tokens use the ERC20 standard, which is 10,000BTC and supports BTC and ETH.n
nChinese Community Manager Micro Signals: CryptoCommunity

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