Airbitz CEO: can not deviate from the center to the development of bitcoin track

Airbitz CEO: can not deviate from the center to the development of bitcoin track


Logically speaking, 2015 should be a year of bitcoin soaring. This year because of the economic development around the world is not peaceful, as in Zimbabwe, inflation eventually led to the government abandoned its currency, the dollar is enabled. In Greece, the situation worse, the government forced banks to adopt capital controls, the economic crisis is bitcoin opportunities, is the time to flex its muscles, a hand to save those people in the central institutions under the control of.

However, in fact, bitcoin is not as expected take-off. Why? Before answering this question, we first simply comb the history of money.

In fact, the currency of the past with bitcoin is very similar. Whether it is gold, jewelry, or jade, for a variety of goods exchange are based on their own value as. This is also the source of the value of the measuring unit. You put your gold on the scale, said the weight of an ounce, it’s value is so much.

Of course, because gold is not conducive to long-distance transport and carrying, so people invented paper money. In fact, money itself does not have any real value, it only records the amount of gold, and gold can be used as a redemption certificate.

Since then, the trust began to enter the monetary system. Because the two sides must trust each other, this document can have the value of money.

In the past thousands of years of human history, notes and trust the system has to our society has brought huge positive impact. Derived from this system in the modern financial system, promote the development of the global economy.

But with the development of society, money also has exposed many problems. I will not say the existing currency collapse may lead to common people life hard to save money away, saying that we have to spend money to the bank to help save our money. Isn’t it ridiculous?

Since the first time I began to use a check, I have been brainwashed: my money is belonging to the bank. I remember there was a scene of old Hollywood movies “Poppins”, the little boy reluctantly put yourself first to get pocket money (two pence) in the bank, he wanted to use the money to buy food to feed the birds, but he knew that if he put money in the bank, to take out of it not so easy.

Each year we have to pay to the bank the custodian of billions of dollars. But a lot of people will say to me: “in this way, your money will be safe, if the bank had a problem, the government will come forward to save it.”

But I don’t love my financial situation by private sector monitoring, let alone the government to monitor. In fact, we impose restrictions on the bank, government regulations are the result of. For example, you can only take so much, you can only save so much, what time can take the money and so on some rules.

You may not feel what is wrong, but you imagine you buy a Chevrolet, but the government tells you, you can only use it at work, then you will not be happy, what do I have to spend money to buy things, you have to be controlled.

That said, the following should be about how bitcoin “against” bank this bad behavior, but I want to say the current bitcoin is still difficult as. Why? Although most people agree with the bitcoin community center is a departure from the spirit of bitcoin, but we are not to make much effort to the center.

Did you put some coins in the bitcoin exchange? These exchanges (I won’t name) will collect information from you, or even freeze your money.

At present, most bitcoin exchange with the bank about things like banks to help keep your money.

Therefore, this also means that the government can be an easy job to do through these exchange supervision of your funds. The Greek bitcoin exchange is such.

In addition, the China Unicom will limit you and the world bitcoin currency exchange in the presence of these banks. You can only use the funds in your managed exchange within the scope of authorization, and these are rarely able to achieve Unicom exchange global bitcoin.

This is like the early days of the internet. For a time, America Online (AmericaOnline) is the only way to access the Internet. But later people by simply downloading software (InternetExplorer, Firefox, etc.) can access the entire network, no longer limited by the United States online portal. From then on, the Internet broke out. Perhaps this analogy is not very appropriate, but the truth is the same.

Many people told me: bitcoin bank institution type or the need to exist, in order to deal with more complex transactions, such as investment etc.. I know what they mean, these institutions can use many resources to identify reliable investment projects, pay interest to depositors, these are the needs of today’s financial system.

I want to say: this, but also wrong. Right, because bitcoin ecosystem does need some ability to carry out large-scale commercial investment lending institutions. No, because it implies that investors and investors cannot be independent of a central agency. The Internet has opened up a trust model. Bitcoin also needs to establish the trust framework, “hive mind” is the key for successful bitcoin.

The core premise of bitcoin is that your money is completely independent, not controlled by the central authorities. Many bitcoin users don’t even know their money is under control.

Bitcoin is a test, if you want to realize its potential to promote the success, we must be careful to maintain the core essence of it to the center, we need to let the user know the bitcoin network is how to operate and to the center of what is.

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