Ali Zhang Yong open letter, bitcoin fell below $3500, musk moved to Mars

Ali CEO Zhang Yongfa open letter, talent strategy is the core strategy of Ali

Alibaba group announced the upgrade of organizational structure. Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong in the full open letter said that the core strategy of the Alibaba is the talent strategy, organizational strategy and future strategy. Zhang Yong said, the Alibaba should not only actively embrace change, to take the initiative to create change, in order to lead the pace of the times, to become the new times “made in the wind”.

Ali said, ali over the years development has proved that the talent depth, continuous self upgrading organization and layout for the future, is the core to ensure sustained and healthy growth of the Alibaba. The core of all Alibaba strategy is the talent strategy, therefore brought good reviews of talents and unique talents training mechanism, and actively create changes, the Alibaba economy continued to maintain the vitality and creativity and breakthrough.

Zhang Yong wrote in the letter: full Tmall double 11 has just ended, we have embarked on a new level, this is the result of the ongoing efforts of our past, an important moment is we prepare for the future. To build Ali commercial operating system, enabling businesses to achieve “in the digital economy, let the world is not difficult to do business mission, we will face the future, continue to upgrade our organization design and organizational ability, lay the organizational foundation for the development of 10 years 5 years in the future and enrich the leadership.

Before the organization upgrade, just the end of the 2018 Tmall 11 turnover of 213 billion 500 million new record earlier this month, the Alibaba released the latest quarterly results, revenue grew 54%, more than FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, apple, Netflix and Google), the global Internet company, 5 consecutive quarter to lead the global Internet first camp.

Mask: “although it may therefore die, but still consider a move to mars”

According to foreign media reports, SpaceX’s chief executive officer of space exploration company Mask in an interview with foreign media Axios said in an interview, you have a 70% chance of moving to Mars, although it may therefore die. Mask said, I know what you want to do is to move to mars. Mask also stressed that this will be a very difficult process. Mask had repeatedly said, hoping to die on mars. He also claimed to be a martian.

He said that the success of landing men on Mars, we must constantly work to build a base, will not have too much spare time. Mask also stressed that a landing on Mars is not a rich pastime or escape, because Mars environment, human death on Mars is far higher than the probability on the earth. Mask also predicted that there will be about 7 years after the Mars landing flights, fares about hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Musk said in September last year, hoping to launch mission to Mars in 2022, but the first launch is cargo spacecraft, electric power, mining and infrastructure to provide life support for the subsequent flight, then there will be two manned spacecraft and two cargo ship flying to Mars, to establish a base on Mars, preparing for the a large number of immigrants to mars.

Bitcoin fell below $3500 to a new low, has bottomed out?

11 Beijing time June 25 at around 5, bitcoin began a frenzied dive. One day succession broke the 4200 and 4100, 4000, 3900, 3800, 3700, 3600, 3500 eight points. As of 25 PM Beijing time 18:24, bitcoin fell below $3500 mark, 24 hours or 18.65%, is a new low since August 2017, the day fell by more than 10%, 7, or about 37.5%. The price of $3474.73 compared with the December 2017 peak of $19290 has fallen to nearly 82%.

At present the most mainstream mill mill ant S9i as an example, the mine power is 1365W, power consumption 32.76 degrees, according to the electricity 0.4 yuan / kWh, combined with the proportion of the whole network is down, without considering other maintenance cost, bitcoin mining cost is 36 thousand yuan. That is to say, the current mining has become a losing proposition, it is so hard to find a machine of mine had been changed to scrap”.

It is worth noting that $3500 is the global analyst bitcoin price forecast of future trend of the watershed. One says that $3500 is the price of bitcoin inflection point. Another school insisted that bitcoin prices will continue to fall. News BTC analyst Aayush Jindal believes that $3500 may not be enough to dip the currency price decline, under an entrenched stall may be 3200 dollars.

Wang Sicong issued at Youku, will not have any cooperation with

In November 26th, Wang Sicong once again angry, and this time President Wang very angry, said publicly in a social media: he and he’s all the company does not have cooperation with youku. As the two generation of the personality of the rich, Wang Sicong’s every act and every move have attracted much attention. Netizens have said this time Youku really big game! Youku what offended Wang Sicong?

It is reported that the news of the conflict due to Wang zhe. Today there are reports that had previously been dubbed “brother Wang Sicong” Wang Zhe will join Youku’s draft “in the name column group”, while Youku suspected in micro-blog will “brother Wang Sicong,” the first hot search keywords buy, which caused Wang Sicong’s strong dissatisfaction.

It is reported that, for Wang Zhe is “rumors Wang Sicong brother”, Wang Sicong has never been to a positive response. The news that Wang Zhe Wang Sicong is not relatives of the younger brother, the younger brother of Wang Sicong, but the news has not been confirmed the same. Prior to this, Wang Zhe in the game because of high handsome rich and high color value have a certain reputation, but in a relationship with Wang Sicong, there are many voices of the heat and Wang Sicong deliberately rub.

In addition, the Wang Sicong also admit that “with the name” Youku group program group also contacted Wang Sicong or its related lawsuit, but rejected by Wang Sicong, the current cool of the incident has not been a positive response.

Students stabbed read along with her mother, the mother did not call 15 minutes deadly

Recently, the media reported the news about Shandong Ji’nan 24 year old college student stabbed his mother. The mother because the son is near reading, here the district rented a house in a study, usually on the supermarket near the cell, it happened before the mother child inside the supermarket work, everything is still as usual.

In November 22nd, about 6 in the afternoon, there was a fierce quarrel between the area of the four District No. 6 and No. 7, nearby residents have heard, but no one cares about the quarrel, after a few minutes without a sound, all nobody paid special attention to this matter. But when the police downstairs students sounded, many people aware of things that happen.

The mother died in a downstairs, don’t shout for help, the mother may be the knife in the body, her heart was very sad, she couldn’t believe that a raised 20 years of his son would do so, she did not help, as it was for her heart, too it may be because the mother is to protect their children. The deceased is Wang, and Wang’s husband in 23, came to the city, and the first sentence is so sad: my son and his mother.

This is a painful thing, while his wife, accompanied by the life of the people, while his son, up overnight, bear bitter hardships, neither, his heart than any pain, but no one can feel that he is from the downturn looked so uncomfortable. His son repeat 2, as his wife is not assured because learning things quarrel PeiDou, but let a house.

Artificial meat on the American table, Bill Gates had invested, you dare to eat?

According to the U.S. “science” magazine recently reported that the laboratory cultivation of meat products, commonly known as “meat”, will soon appear in the American table. It is reported that artificial meat is extracted a piece of tissue or organ — usually from one animal with a needle, to obtain stem cells, then the cells in a Petri dish breed, get muscle tissue.

As everyone knows, it is a kind of stem cell self replication ability of pluripotent cells. The stem cells multiply, people can get the animal muscle tissue. Therefore, artificial meat is a product of pure science laboratory, but it is still essentially from the animal itself. Then artificial meat made what are the benefits? In fact, it is the biggest beneficiary of farm animal slaughter.

Data show that in the United States, the annual slaughter of chickens to do things up to about 9 billion, the number is about 32 million head of cattle slaughtering. That is to say, once the artificial meat will enter the market, is a useful complement to existing livestock poultry products. A large number of animal were able to escape from the slaughter house. In fact, the concept of artificial meat is not for the first time in the network. In early 2013, artificial meat have been created from Mark Post of the University of Maastricht in Holland at the hands of biological engineering.

Affected by the huge potential supply capacity of artificial meat, smell the most astute businessman first to the industry went to the olive branch. Including Bill Gates in more than business tycoons have invested in artificial meat, and to promote the development of the business to pay a lot of effort. In addition to the United States, there are many countries on artificial meat market is quite optimistic, the world’s first launched the laboratory of artificial beef burger a Dutch company announced at the beginning of the year, the sales of artificial meat to the restaurant from 2021 onwards.

The guy was crowded subway Ye scold cry, so fat should go to a taxi

Recently, the Beijing subway station Tiantongyuan North occurred disputes. When the queue, a fat boy because of the crowded, accidentally stepped on the foot of an old man. The boy after apologizing, the old man still has been working on his he’s really not letting this go, personal attacks. “To stay at home! So fat affect others, to make a car no “?


This man dressed in black, wearing glasses, tall boys has been the head of a white peaked cap asked the old man to apologize: “sorry sorry uncle.” The boy is low head, no resistance, red eyes. The old man can discourage passengers around the less two, but there is no obvious effect. Finally, the guy was the old man scold cry, and exit queuing channel, then the old man along step up to the front to squeeze itself. Netizens feel rough for the guy watching the video.

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