All people ask all fourth – bitcoin trading network Zhang Shousong

All people ask all fourth – bitcoin trading network Zhang Shousong

He, 15 year old founder of Wenquxing online network was named outstanding star fan;

He has worked at Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Alibaba;

He co founded the group purchase network navigation “all the top three in 2010”.

He is now the founder of bitcoin trading network, after the shock of digital money will no longer be.

A typical small fresh shy technology entrepreneurs, handsome paper quiet legend. The emitted temperament is somewhat similar to the “Muji” of the brand. Cold humor, God up the knife is his own skills, teenage boy face, heart is his uncle nirvana! Loose in the autumn sun face, is the most warm cup of tea.

For such a simple low-key shy man, you may be curious? Whether there is a break this iceberg face? Do it now, there is no upper limit question, as long as you participate. You can ask, can coordinate to telephone, ask prices, also can……

Question time: November 10th -11 month 12 days


1. interview every Monday, each one of the characters;

2. each interview before, we will collect all the problems to all the people, and to choose to force the grid, creative, the connotation of the problems to the guests answered;

Below 3., this article Post Bar any micro-blog, we look to the local comments, put questions to the person you’re interested in, and can recommend the next person to the guests;

4. of the respondents guests will answer any questions, and at the end of the next period surveyed people named.

Is willing to give you a chance to make, respondents guests a defense space.

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