ALS of bitcoin donations Fund – Finney

ALS of bitcoin donations Fund – Finney

In August 28th, after Finney’s death, the bitcoin community have issued the memory of bitcoin legend Hal Finney Hal Finney memorial is still in progress.

To commemorate Hal Finney bitcoin contribution and to improve the world for ALS awareness of the bitcoin community in the name of Finney set up a fund for research funding for ALS.

The well-known V community have appeared, such as Erik Voorhees, Jason King, Roger Ver and Bitpay company, canvassing for the fund. Bitcoin Foundation’s former chief scientist Gavin Andresen Gavin Anderson made a video ice bucket challenge, and the memory of Finney an important contribution to the development of bitcoin in the video.

As of press time, the donation address has received 5 BTC+ money.

The donation in November 27th thanksgiving day ended, and in December 2nd transferred to the research department.

Bitpay will be hosting this part of the funds, the proceeds donated to the research department which has not yet been determined.

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