AMD released encrypted currency mining software package

nnnIn the past, the GPU maker AMD will introduce new software drivers for encrypted currency mining to improve GPU performance. Its rival NVIDIA is also using the market demand for the GPU. NVIDIA CEO also mentioned the encrypted currency. Indicating that these companies have plans to attract miners.n
nnTranslation: Annie_Xun
nGraphics (GPU) maker AMD will introduce a new software driver, designed for encryption currency mining.n
nThe Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition Beta for Blockchain Compute is described as a beta driver to improve GPU performance for mining purposes.n
nMining is energy-intensive programs, new transactions through this program to join the block chain, and create a new token as a reward. AMD released the software driver is due to coin and other encrypted currency trading prices to promote GPU demand growth.n
nIn fact, AMD and rival chip maker Nvidia are using graphics card demand growth.n
nThe two companies have issued a thematic statement, but AMD is not optimistic about the future of the encrypted currency mining market.n
nAnd do not control the position of how to buy the GPU and profit trend has been the impact of the two companies, last week Nvidia (Nvidia) CEO mentioned the encrypted currency.n
nSo the release driver (let the computer and hardware devices to communicate with the software) that AMD want to attract miners, at least recently so. AMD has released a beta driver that “does not support further updates, upgrades or bug fixes.”n

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