“American banker” editor to join CoinDesk, as editorial post

nnnAdventure: Marc Hochstein, editor-in-chief of American Banker magazine, has joined CoinDesk as editorial officer to work with the team to further develop the company. From CoinDesk continue to absorb the experience of experienced professionals, the media platform is rapidly growing. The strength to build more people will help CoinDesk truly become the world’s leading platform in the field.n
nnTranslated by: Inan
nMarc Hochstein, editor-in-chief of American Banker magazine, has joined CoinDesk, a leading digital media and activity and information services company in the chain chain industry.n
nHochstein has been working for SourceMedia for 17 years and will now be the editorial director of CoinDesk, who will work with editor-in-chief Pete Rizzo and CoinDesk’s New York editorial team, while leading the media to start the next phase.n
nHochstein made the earliest mainstream reports on Bitcoin in the “American Bankers” and inspired some of the innovations. In his article in March 2014, “why Bitcoin is significant for bankers” won the Regional Award for the American Business Publishing and Editing Association and was nominated for the Jesse Neil Final.n
nCoinDesk was founded in 2013, is committed to record the development of block-chain technology, has now become one of the world’s top sites. In this case, the company decided to hire Hochstein.n
nHochstein said:n
nn”I am honored to be excited to join CoinDesk to help the brand succeed and to upgrade the platform to a new level.Peter currency, encrypted currency and distributed book technology represent a fascinating new market for digital business The future has a surprising long-term impact.CoinDesk has developed standards for the quality, maturity and reliability of news editors in this fast-growing area. “n
nnPrior to that, CoinDesk had recruited some talent. The company is rapidly investing to consolidate its position as a chain-chain market news, data and information leadership.n
nPaymentsSource’s senior staff Bailey Reutzel and Roubini analyst Ash Bennington are just recently joined the company’s New York editorial team talent.n
nRizzo said:n
nn”With Marc’s extensive industry expertise, CoinDesk is ready to move towards a new growth phase that will enable us to truly become the world’s leading chain of chain news and analytics sites.”n

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