American fancy block chain technology, intelligence gathering to use bitcoin reward?

American fancy block chain technology, intelligence gathering to use bitcoin reward?

Military information collection and other business also has a business model, therefore, technological innovation is very important for the information collection. But you have not thought about bitcoin in intelligence gathering? If you see a play in which the role of bitcoin, you must be impressed.


The U.S. has a strong combat capability, but thanks to their constantly absorbing new technology to arm themselves. So, how can they miss bitcoin this disruptive technology? In order to collect intelligence against terrorists, they provide information to the people a reward bitcoin as a reward. It can be said that this is

A very valuable way to change the war.

Bitcoin reward not only allows the sender and receiver anonymity, but also can reduce the cost of money. May be the two characteristics caused by the corruption of counter-terrorism Technical Support Office (CTTSO) notice.

The following is an excerpt from the CTTSO directive file Bid R3962:

“The current intelligence gathering method is expensive and labor-intensive. The increase in the number of failed to realize intelligence reports and accuracy improved, but Crowdsourcing may achieve this, especially with the blockchain technology to provide a breakthrough payment processing ability.” In fact, Bid3692 did not mention bitcoin, but indeed about bitcoin blockchain technology.

The past us often in order to arrest the terrorists and to reward, this draft was published, “American justice Award” project on the site has more than $350 million reward.

The site wanted value are specific parameters based on, such as individuals or groups of the population of the United States threat level. Bid3 962 is recommended to reduce the overall reward, but some people think that the government should further increase the number of bonuses, especially the government should provide a lower cost of payment, For example bitcoin.

To solve the problems of developing countries without bank accounts


If the use of bitcoin as a bonus payment, then the U.S. may see a number of worldwide bounty hunter with the exponential growth of the way. “Most wanted list” are hiding in the developing countries, developing countries financial service system is not perfect, and even a lot of people without bank accounts. because

The bonuses paid to these areas has become a nuisance, may cause a delay for terrorists arrested.

However, if the use of bitcoin as a payment method, the above problems are smoothly done or easily solved. Bitcoin is controlled by financial institutions, and no barriers to cross-border payments. In addition, bitcoin address allows both parties to hide their identity, as a result, it is difficult to find out who is to receive a bonus.

Bid R3962 will vote in October this year, whether it can pass? Let us wait and see. However, this idea is innovative for the bitcoin or block chain technology opened the door of the bounty system.

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