An American extortion software attacker asked for $500 in bitcoin

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According to CCN news, the Internet there is a victim in computer implanted extortion software, so as to increase the probability of success of fraud and blackmail, attackers often require the victim with bitcoin and DASH to pay the ransom.

Researchers at Proofpoint network security company said, according to residents of the United States common extortion, blackmail blackmail the included software installation program links. And other similar sexual blackmail scam, the attackers claim collection of victims related video files.

When the victims click on the video link to confirm whether there is a secret video call, their computer will inadvertently be installed called GandCrab ransomware. Once the successful implantation of extortion software, the attacker will require the victim with BTC and DASH to pay a ransom of $500.

It is estimated that from the discovery of GandCrab in the first two months of this blackmail software, the attacker has from more than fifty thousand victims received about $600 thousand in revenue, the majority of victims in the United Kingdom, the United States and Scandinavia.

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