An Austrian mining company hopes to list on the London Stock Exchange this year

nRunaway Comment: Austria has a large number of small hydropower stations, cheap electricity resources make the local cryptocurrency mining company more “green.” It is also one of the advantages that these companies attract to invest. To better raise capital and expand its business, Austria’s cryptocurrency mining company Hydrominer GmbH has expressed its desire to list on the London Stock Exchange in 2018, putting the company in a safer operating environment and attracting more investors.n
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Hydrominer GmbH, an Austrian cryptocurrency mining company, is reportedly considering an IPO on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in 2018. Its purpose is not only to capitalize on the “blockchain fanaticism” of the current market, but also to fund programs that will expand its operations to other parts of the world in this way.n

The company raised about $ 2.8 million through the ICO in November 2017, but now it believes the listing on the exchange will provide it with a more suitable place to raise money safely. Davies Guttmann, the company’s chief financial officer, said:n
n”I hope we get investors as a company that operates at risk, though at risk.”n
nAIM is the market for smaller companies on the London Stock Exchange and has a more flexible regulatory regime than the primary market. The CFO at the mining company in Vienna revealed that they planned to raise tens of millions of dollars and said they had invited a senior auditor to review the business and its profitability.n
Green bitcoinn
With more than 2,000 small hydropower plants in Austria, many of which are obsolete, energy costs can become very cheap if these facilities are available. Hydrominer GmbH runs mining equipment inside modular containers near hydropower stations in the Alps. The company reportedly costs only 4.5 cents per kWh of electricity, about 85% below the EU’s average electricity costs.n
The company also said it is negotiating for joint ventures in Austria, Canada and Eastern Europe. According to its chief financial officer, the cooperation agreement may be announced in the coming months. In the long term, Hydrominer plans to become the infrastructure provider for the rest of the cryptocurrency industry by offering hardware, software and skills.n

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