An exclusive interview with Jesus: bitcoin currency war bifurcation let the whole encryption ecosystem losses

 An exclusive interview with Jesus: bitcoin currency war bifurcation let the whole encryption ecosystem losses

Who are most concerned about the future of BCH?

If the first is a heavily loaded million BCH bitcoin, then, the second is called “bitcoin Jesus” Roger Ver.

Roger Ver was an early investor and preacher of bitcoin, but in 2017 the current car, to support the transaction faster, lower fee, more people BCH.

How to support the law? He and Wu Jihan spread on the rivers and lakes, have sold most of the BTC to buy BCH. In addition, he also used the $1 million and the others BCH blocking will not flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.

In the BCH the first line of the 5, June, Roger Ver also tends to support the CSW party. But in September the BCH community held a conference in Bangkok, Roger bit, suddenly tendency.

Industrial and Commercial University Of Chongqing Research Center Director Liu Changyong economic chain block (also ABC supporters) told the daily planet Odaily said, “bit, trying to reconciliation and CSW the Bangkok convention, the most important achievement is Roger.”

Therefore, Roger Ver plays a pivotal role in the battle of the BCH after the bifurcation.

In the calculation of the force on the eve of World War II, its mine pool gradually BTC mine pool is switched to BCH, let ABC chain is Leton by 4081.03 PH/S.

“This figure is equivalent to 15 BCH when the whole network is the sum of”, therefore, let ABC chain in the “war” at the beginning of the advantage.

Now, BTC ABC and BTC SV is still in a stalemate battle. CSW party is often bad though, but did not give up “from the heart”. Under this background, the daily planet Odaily exclusive interview with Roger Ver, and he talked about his intention to input, BCH bifurcation……

Although his answer is very simple, but basically conveys such an idea, he was in favor of ABC route planning team and is willing to pay the price, he hopes to achieve the vision of bitcoin white paper by BCH.

The following is the full text of dialogue:

Odaily Daily Planet: you have supported CSW, why the back to ABC from your twitter? We know that this may be because you don’t like the CSW, but there is no two camp different routes in it?

Roger:CSW to the community left a long string of unfulfilled promises, for everyone to see this article, which introduced. We recommend reading the article (Roger Electron Cash Jonald Fyookball wallet developers in an article, “Bitcoin Cash is Finally Free of” Faketoshi “Great Days Ahead” Lie. In this article, Jonald Fyookball cited several major problems: CSW CSW not only failed to prove that he is “the key evidence Nakamoto, also forged a series of blog posts, emails and contracts, as well as the public key and PGP key; do not have the technical ability; academic misconduct; and guide the members of the BCH, is to launch war destroy the community).

Odaily Daily Planet: you finally decided to use is to support BCH ABC, what happened? You expect it? Why do this?

Roger: as’s chief executive and BCH holder, my job is to support can let BCH become the currency of the world’s best path, the ABC team and the roadmap clearly more likely to achieve these goals. The SV team almost no delivery of any things available to the ecological system.

Odaily Daily Planet: you say “no one can win this battle is just, than those who lose less than others”. So, in this war you will lose what? CSW, Wu Jihan and BCH community? What do you think the loss more?

Roger: everyone has lost a lot of money, the encryption ecological system have been lost. Everyone can bear with this period of time, energy and money to build the world a useful tool, but the result is spent on each argument (arguing with each other). As a result of all these factors, the global economic growth rate slowed slightly.

The Daily Planet: Odaily V before God said hard because of this bifurcation, the BCH community can get rid of the CSW. However, after the war, some people say that this war reflects the BCH or POW is the center, because these companies can control or even destroy a chain. What do you think of this? Do you think the current situation better or worse?

Roger: if a chain is easy to be interrupted or destroyed, that the chain is no value. Is the best in the chain before becoming popular and widely used at this discovery.

The daily planet Odaily : do you think the best way is to deal with the dispute? If I go back in time, you will make the war started?

Roger: a dispute, should communicate more, rather than less communication. BTC camp to take the opposite approach to review any people who hold different views. Until today, the BCH community is still welcome to discuss free and open, as shown on the /r/BTC that, compared with the censored /r/Bitcoin really is different.

The Daily Planet: Odaily BCH on the next stage, what are you going to do?

Roger: we are BCH and wallet added powerful privacy protection.

Odaily Daily Planet : the two sides of the war more important? Some exchange line BCH, and BCH ABC and BCH SV listed, which means they think BCH has two, no longer exist. What do you think of BCH?

Roger: I think ABC is BCH, BCH is a bitcoin.

The daily planet Odaily : you BCH or crypto currency in general?

Roger : I want to create a world point of cash, like bitcoin “white paper” title as described.

Odaily Daily Planet : I remember you on twitter, “I said from the beginning of 2011 investment bitcoin bitcoin investment reasons and today I cash the cause is the same, but you did not mention to the center, you think this is the currency in the world an important reason?

Roger: Decentralization (Editor: add that to the center) is a tool to achieve equivalence of cash. Decentralization is not a goal. The white paper did not even once mentioned this point. I don’t love those with religious cult devolution people.

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