An inventory of world-class enterprise bitcoin payment

An inventory of world-class enterprise bitcoin payment

Now we all know a lot of DELL to accept bitcoin payments, and in fact, there are other big companies have long accepted bitcoin. For you to check these with such forward-looking world-class enterprise.

Professional production of the spacecraft, provide professional service of space tourism. The Milky Way Chinese a virgin.

Rod Taylor shopping network was founded in 1826, Rod Taylor is a popular trend and timeless classic for the combination of shopping. Lordandtaylor is located in the Fifth Avenue of the United States, and is the leader of the New York fashion.

Shopify is a company headquartered in Ontario, the Canadian province of Ottawa company, the establishment of the original intention is for small and medium-sized enterprises to build e-commerce channels and fast. The company has more than 50 free shop unit, which can help in e-commerce hosting, design, data analysis, payment and other technical support etc..

WordPress is a PHP language development using the blog platform, users can set up their own website in support of PHP and MySQL database server. The WordPress can also be used as a content management system (CMS) to use.

Foodler is an American company specializing in providing all kinds of delivery, delivery service for users, such as meals, beverages, tobacco, daily necessities and so on, since the Foodler accept bitcoin as payment each month bitcoin payment amount growth rate reached 3. Every day, around 50 thousand Americans ordered takeout through Foodler, Foolder company itself does not sell any products, only to provide delivery service and delivery according to the number of kilometers to receive delivery charges. From the beginning of March, Foodler has already accepted the bitcoin payment.

“Chicago sun” (Chicago Sun-Times) is published in the American state of Chicago daily, although his newspaper and the amount of advertising revenue is less than the “Chicago Tribune”, but he is quite popular at the newsstand. Basically “Chicago sun” was issued in the city in the tabloids, had to in the Chicago MRT commuters, not easily overlooked home and easy to carry in the form of a design.

Gyft is an application that allows users to buy gift cards, the use of bitcoin.

This is a company to sell cheap tickets.

The famous American electronics retailer. is a famous American online shopping website, founded in 1999, headquartered in Utah, Salt Lake City, sells all kinds of goods, including brand-name fashion, jewelry, household appliances, department stores, audio and video products etc..

Dish network now is the second largest U.S. satellite TV service providers, but also the third largest pay TV service provider, is different from the direct competitor DirecTV positive international expansion, Dish only conduct business in the United States, with more than 14 million users. Dish is the predecessor of EchoStar Satellite, founded in 1980, EchoStar in 96 years officially changed its name to Dish network. In 2008, Dish officially from EchoStar stripping, both as independent companies, EchoStar Dish is still the important technology partners and major satellite providers.

Expedia is a famous tourist site in the United States, the WWTE (Worldwide Travel Exchange). The website offers ticket booking, car rental companies, more than 3000 global locations of the hotels and preferential prices, the detailed information is available online browsing hotel. Just enter the ideal price and passenger area, in the shortest possible time, you can get the most timely and accurate quotation.

The new network was established in 2001, headquartered in southern California, Losangeles. Newegg is one of the leading us computer, consumer electronics, communication products, online supermarket, and provide products and professional services to more than 16 million registered users. The United States – sales of up to 55000 kinds of types of goods, is the nation’s largest online retailer IT digital products, customer satisfaction is the nation’s first online retailer, there are more than 55 thousand orders per day, 100% of the approved orders will be sent within 24 hours. On the choice of goods more than 5500000 SKUs, the average daily traffic of more than 16 million registered users and 1 million 500 thousand.

In 90s 1-800, or by telephone sales as the main marketing mode, in 1994 and AOL become partners in the following year, registered domain name, followed by the Internet business. In 1999, the shop received $100 million in financing, and finally listed on NASDAQ.

DELL is a company headquartered in Texas, Landreau grams of the world’s top five hundred enterprises. DELL is famous for its design, production and sales of household and office computer, but it also involved in high-end computer market data, production and sales of servers, storage devices, network equipment etc..

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