Analysis of 3.19 this week big trend, what brewing gradually shrink the shock interval?

I always love a word. Love is not as general the soldier is not a good soldier! An occupation currency investors must ring like a monk. In another year the risk of career, in a temptation, he always needs to overcome fear and greed and that the inherent human, to prevent the slightest mistake, they make a big mistake. In order to pursue the spiritual or religious sense, the final and eternal perfection, they often choose loneliness in order to comprehend the currency market mystery. What is more, some digital money market investment genius, he probably would not have a lifetime experience of a successful marriage (perhaps because marriage is a reality and the city of vulgar, the loved one may not be able to withstand the enormous pressure of spirit and money).

 Analysis of 3.19 this week big trend, what brewing gradually shrink the shock interval?

BTC graphical analysis:

Multitray analysis: Recently, crypto currency market continues to maintain prices rebound pattern, when prices gradually close to $4100-4200 this key resistance area, so the upward pressure will greatly increase, the early part of the low price to buy chips will gradually take off profits, while the futures market in the short power will also increase in the resistance of short chips area, after the sixth week rally, now the big sell-off comes on at any time!

Line 4 hours, $4030 in this area is this round down trend line pressure, judging from the probability, I expect there will be a mid market decline, the rapid rise in risk. But the short-term price by $BTC 3900 support is still room for a rebound, personal judgment the first few days of this week encryption currency market is expected to also remain volatile upward rhythm. But from the time period of anticipation, the coming storm!

 Analysis of 3.19 this week big trend, what brewing gradually shrink the shock interval?

So there is an optimal strategy, bitcoin prices close to $4100 in empty single resistance band, and the profit and loss balance rate ratio, this is a very good business, and the market of greed and fear degree determine your position size, self regulation can be.

In the face of such a market, how should we achieve Fanben hope?

The capital market is like a double-edged sword, with good people to become the world’s idol, with bad people is losing money, big money, the market is so cruel without a bit of warmth. The blocking only one sentence: the blocking is not to lose, in a good risk control at the same time, you have to be careful of every single. The less the amount of accounts, more investment risk, so to avoid making the investment account only do amount of hand, a hand account is not allowed to make a mistake, but even seasoned investors have when the judge wrongly.

 Analysis of 3.19 this week big trend, what brewing gradually shrink the shock interval?

I know, in every investment friends are eager to success, in fact, our teacher is the same, I hope you can make money, so as to realize the value of our life, but why the market has a lot of friends said: “I also managed to avoid every wave of profit,” don’t you the teacher is really poor? Or have no confidence, money can not live? We have no way to do a single in the low, get the highest position, do not know who will rise much, but remember, the teacher of trend for you to have a clear idea, then you use a good attitude to do profitable difficult? I’m not the most powerful market teacher, but certainly is a good psychological quality, clear the analysis of the teacher.

If you don’t want to pay attention to himself, shrinking funds, here I will hold for you to think independently, give advice and suggestions for you. If you encounter problems in road investment bitcoin, can not find the direction of long-term at a loss, you can find mitegura teacher talk in this work: WeChat BQ6286 no note will not be added. Fodu somebody, my heart with people!

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