Analysis of 3.25 bitcoin intraday trend, the market plummeted when the arrival of?

The key element of financial investment — discipline, currency circle and the stock market are to follow this principle, such as the morning operation of market discipline is, will be opened in the morning so must perform a rebound, firmly in the morning, because even if the afternoon rally, second days also have time to add, but if not bad, except today at the same time loss, you will not be in a good mood, it will affect a lot of things, it will lead to a series of follow-up questions, so the outcome is not only profitable investment of money or not, in fact, is the relationship between the fluctuation values of the whole personality system, so we must remember the requirements in strict accordance with the established discipline investment, never can be temporary give birth to inspiration, change its own deliberate decision, do not be controlled by greed, remember that the operation is less than, as the essence of truth is slowly moving fast.

 Analysis of 3.25 bitcoin intraday trend, the market plummeted when the arrival of?

[BTC] the days of the market analysis

The pie pin $3900 after a rebound, is divided into two steps, after dropping the first wave of elevating the intensity is relatively strong, long clearly expressed their attitude, not to let the pie fall below $3900, so the first wave pulled quickly let pie back to $3970. After a short rest after the long yesterday began to take the initiative, although pulled up to the top of the $4000, but significantly weaker than the first energy, and there is no effective pie firm $4000. The pupil in the vicinity of $3980 to maintain a relative balance, can see, the correction amount can not last in the vicinity of $4000 when the consolidation of a large amount of energy, so can not judge pie has been fully stabilized, coupled with the recent mainstream team performance is not obvious, the dragon head LTC, EOS and no action, so in the strategic plan we should control positions, temporarily not in the same position full warehouse, holding 6-7 layer positions better.

Today’s disk: Daily pie graph, MACD into the Sicha trend, if not in the short term the military launched a wave of effective attack, it will be the air force gradually kill morale, thus again a whipsaw. The level of small pie keeping consolidation in the vicinity of $3980, the air force has gradually strengthened the signs, in this two days the trend of consolidation does not appear on the surface of the pin cleaning action, so on the possibility of the gradual increase in the pin. There are short-term or pie dropping, this is the cycle for hourly to predict the short-term, so more likely Yu Chonggao down trend, if finished after dropping, corresponding in $3850-3900 to cover short positions, I have been optimistic about the trend. This pressure: $4050 support: $3850.

 Analysis of 3.25 bitcoin intraday trend, the market plummeted when the arrival of?

The teacher share – generation investment

I have been to my friend that we do investment investment, not speculation, seize the opportunity, to blind, no time to rest, please cherish your earned every drop of blood and sweat! Investment risks, the market need to be cautious, can call investment risk, the risk is not full of speculation, must continue to learn and investment, investment 100% do not lose money even Buffett can do that, just want to make any investment speculators do not lose money is a dream, know how to control risk and stick to investors do! The most accurate grasp the trend, let us more rational investment. I give a client every choice strategy to go through very careful analysis will give, want to know how to do the single is very simple, want to know how to do is a complicated process, please wait patiently. This is responsible for you, is my responsibility, come in here don’t doubt what you lack, in fact what you are not missing, but the lack of a good teacher.

Write these words in my article is to tell a friend, while discovering their own problems must be timely to change, otherwise this will snowball snowball, big enough to finally killed you. If you are troubled by the problems at present, let me help you solve problems, you may be able to turn the investment.

Message: teacher generation market, is a market, cruel phenomenon will not change because of your losses, more will not end because your tears and complain, change their own destiny, only learning the skills to improve their strength. Will accelerate the speed from the sea. Friends, three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher, if you do not understand the market, if you do not understand the form, if you do not know where to start learning, then you only need to know that I am your friend, this way, I always accompany you to the end!

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