Analysis of ZG.TOP bitcoin Market: the battle for market, follow the money away

Listen to how to say big brother:

Surplus capital chain founder and chairman Zhu Rong: bitcoin feeling from the general situation should not consider the cost of miners, especially short-term trading, or return to the disk, find the high uncertainty of opportunity, not to think too much. Prices go up to now, a word is weak. At present is in a double dip, but the short-term is a weak consolidation, there may still have a chance to kill, so need to be vigilant.

Bitcoin market analysis:

We recently bitcoin is mainly analysis. Bitcoin is not steady, no other currency market. Bitcoin stabilization can rise, the other main currency to the market. It was said bitcoin may face weak bottoming (bottom stage) market, and managed to hold the 3700. As the Trinidad teacher said, the market is very weak, several times to kill 3800. Non small bitcoin trading funds now stands at 30 billion, the transaction amount to a substantial upside too difficult, difficult to 4400. From these defensive point of view, the military is firmly determined to hold 3800 line, 3800 to 4200, the battle for the fluctuations in the market, perhaps can play for a long time, who knows? The last 6400 also played for several months? I don’t think bitcoin market manipulation, if there is to say, can try for 10 points, down ten points. Even the banker, the overall trend is based on market funds, K-line to. The pupil perhaps are waiting for good news, bad. Or that sentence: to keep track of game player market funds, K-line trend and good bad news.

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