Analysis of ZG.TOP bitcoin Market: the large buy, bitcoin is bottoming

A single HOLD live audience:

Yesterday evening, dropping 3700 bitcoin, OK platform 7000 bitcoin massive pay (turnover of nearly 2000), also pay 10000 fire currency bitcoin, two single HOLD live audience, if markets tumble down, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.. Then bitcoin rebound from the lows highest rose more than 10%. Of course, before this has been Zhao Dong and other chiefs in the propaganda approach, but said that 10000, not a big pay, this is really a big selling single 2 with real money to prop up the market. The market is short of money, need to pay, do not need to shout slogans, leek has contrived not move.

Bitcoin market:

Bitcoin is currently quoted 4100USDT hour line shows the sell-off is not big, today rose 8%, is through a dangerous period. In today’s multi task was completed, the current turnover of 400 billion non small bitfinex per hour, turnover is also OK, the K line in good condition, market foundation to go up, then bitcoin may face fluctuations in prices bottoming (3800-4200 rangebound), short time to go to 5000 is unlikely. No car or buddy friend can top up, waiting for a chance. Bitcoin is formed only at the bottom of the stage, let the short air no longer profitable, more in the air force, and play outside waiting for admission funds and good, to open a big bounce. If we need to pay attention to several pressure area, 44004600 and 5000, to keep track of game player market funds, K-line trend and favorable conditions.

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