Analysts: with the market weakness, the price of bitcoin January in half, or will drop to $3000

The lowest level of bitcoin again fell in 2018. After a week of decline after the recent slump is not surprising.

In the transaction, bitcoin prices fell 5%, fell to $3284 from $3450, which was repeated nearly a week ago (December 8th) a record low for the year, according to CoinMarketcap data, BTC in most of the time this week in more than $3400, then fell sharply.

Bitcoin on Monday briefly touched $3680, but since then has been in decline, a few hours after they fell to the bottom, after a slight rebound, the current price of less than $3300 BTC. This is the second time it reached that level, and is likely to stay in this period of time, and then fell further.

Since bitcoin trading close to $6400 over the same period last month, has fallen by nearly half. Compared to the all-time high a year ago, bitcoin has fallen to its lowest level in the current 83.6%. However, before the collapse of more serious, so the digital currency are not out of the woods.

Analysts predict that bitcoin or fell to $3000, with further market weakness, it seems more and more likely. In the past few weeks, Friday for encryption monetary field is very painful. On Friday appeared bitcoin sold $15 billion, fell to its lowest level of the year.

In the near future, no factor can reverse this trend, encryption currency enthusiasts hope to Bakkt and Fidelity institutions such as the giant, they want to bring products to market.

In the mainstream media under the support of FUD, the public basically has bitcoin and encryption of money as a flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. Who has done research, and truly understand their investment is something people will ride out the storm.

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