And Delphy together to foresee the future, the first forecast market open source project release white paper

n2018 football World Cup is approaching, in this world-renowned feast, in the end which team can win the trophy, which star will win the Golden Globe, the major giants of the final between the duel who will be the topic of death Affect the hearts of countless fans.n
nIt is conceivable that there will be a variety of octopus Paul out of God predicted that all kinds of large data statistics model was supernatural powers, the football name will also give all kinds of predictions. However, these magical predictions are not participatory and have no incentive, and football experts and commentators are hard pressed to contribute their own experience and exclusive information, and fans’ friends are hard to enjoy the fun.n
nToday, the arrival of the forecast market on the chain chain will change all this. The original well-known block chain technology Gong Genom (fair) co-founder Wang Bo led the team to develop the first domestic forecast market applications – Delphy (website:
nIn the forecast market, fans can friends through the transaction results of the results of different events to participate in the forecast, the winner will get the token to encourage, so that the fans can increase the fun of participation, on the one hand can their own experience and wisdom.n
nTo the center of the mobile social forecast platform – Delphyn
nDelphy is an ether-based, mobile-based social market forecasting platform. Its endogenous centralization mechanism ensures that the predictive results are not manipulated and provide an effective infrastructure guarantee for the diversification of information on which the group wisdom depends, the independence of decision-making, and the decentralization of the organization.n
nIn terms of paradigm, Delphy is a mobile application platform and an ecological chain of Predictive Services (PaaS). Users on the one hand can participate in any time and any place to predict the market transactions, on the other hand can also use Delphy API

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