And the Bank of bitcoin company to sign the contract? It ate the crab

And the Bank of bitcoin company to sign the contract? It ate the crab

The British banking giant Barclays (Barclays) today, and graduated from New York FinTech incubator TechStars 8 projects signed the contract, the two companies will use block chain technology.

By 11 startups TechStars joint incubation, completed a 13 week program, including bitcoin compliance company Chainalysis, and an account of the startup Wave.

Barclays chief design and Innovation Officer DerekWhite told the New York Business Journal said in an interview with the Chainalysis and Wave cooperation is the game change the bank “”.

Barclay said it will cooperate with the Chainalysis to allow the financial crime and transaction monitoring group, the necessary information acquisition and bitcoin trading company.

Chainalysis co-founder Jonathan Levin (JonathanLevin) believes that this will enable Barclays Bank to become one of the first to provide services for the bitcoin’s current mainstream financial institutions, many bitcoin companies, it is difficult to obtain basic banking services.

Levin told CoinDesk:

“This is the first integrated top bank compliance solutions, which allows them to provide banking services for bitcoin and block chain company.”

As part of the plan, the Barclays Bank will provide financial support for the two non startups and startups incubator TechStars will enjoy every 6% stake in the company.

It is reported that, after Barclays Bank also with bitcoin service providers Safello cooperation, is said to help charities accept bitcoin payment.

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