AngelList: Digital currency job opportunities have doubled over the past six months

nnRampage comments: With the block chain and digital money technology to get more people recognized, the field of start-up companies are constantly growing. As a result, the job opportunities in this industry are increasing. According to AngelList’s survey, these emerging start-up companies will provide better treatment for employees, and compared to professional knowledge more attention to the candidate’s learning ability and potential in this market development. This is good news for many job seekers who are concerned about the field.n
nTranslated by: Inan
The flourishing of the digital money world is no longer a secret. A recent report by AngelList shows that online recruitment in digital money-related areas has increased exponentially because companies are looking for new talent to meet the development needs of the market.n
The report pointed out that in the first half of 2017, investment in digital money start-up companies more than 2016 years of funds to be more. The increase in the number of related start-up companies has also led to an increase in jobs. The report says:n
n”Digital money companies are constantly developing, raising a lot of money and getting higher valuations, so their demand for top talent is also expanding.” Digital money companies listed on AngelList in the past six months Nearly doubled. “n
Better workn
The report also shows that there is ample reason to join the digital currency boom. First, at AngelList, digital and technical and non-technical jobs pay 10% to 20% more than the industry average. In addition, these companies also offer better benefits.n
Second, the digital money company is more flexible, can allow remote office. In fact, digital money company employees have the possibility of remote work freedom 22% higher than other employees.n
Third, digital money companies can offer more liquid options. These companies will generally issue tolls as part of the shares. Although the token may still be limited, but the liquidity is indeed stronger.n
Technical and non-technical positionsn
It is reported that the site has more than 2,500 technical positions and more than 1,000 non-technical positions. In addition, these companies are looking for those who are willing to learn, not just those who already have a substantive technical awareness. The report states:n
n”In general, the company does not require candidates to have a deep understanding of the block chain, and they want the willingness to learn, the ability to contribute immediately, and the real interest in the market.”n
nThe entire report shows that the digital money market is growing rapidly and will continue to grow as the market continues to adopt this revolutionary new technology.n

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