Annual salary of 180,000 US dollars: the demand for Swiss blockchain developers

nRunaway Comment: Switzerland’s huge demand for blockchain developers, annual salary requirements have reached as high as 180,000 US dollars. According to the head of a Swiss domestic company, the main reason blockchain developers are so fortunate in their salary is the fact that there are very few developers with skilled and blockchain experience. Switzerland, however, has long been considered one of the most forward-looking countries in digital currency and blockchain development and has also become a popular choice for companies that want to launch an initial tokens issue (ICO), the need for developers Also will rise.n
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Demand for blockchain developers in Switzerland is enormous, with many developers offering annual pay as high as $ 180,000.n
It seems that the reason why having the necessary skills in technology is so high and new is where it lies. Business Insider reports that Thomas Bertani, chief executive of Swiss company Eidoo, said Swiss developers are demanding monthly pay of $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 and annual salary of $ 120,000 to $ 180,000.n
Bertani said:n
n”The reasons are: 1) It’s hard to find skilled and blockchain developers; 2) Switzerland itself is known as the most expensive country in the world.”n
nNot only that, Switzerland is also considered as one of the most forward-looking countries in the development of digital currency and blockchain. After China banned the ICO and the Anglo-American countries issued warnings one after another, Switzerland quickly became a popular choice for companies that wanted to launch their first tokens (ICO) issuance.n
Nonetheless, Switzerland sees ICO as a new type of investment and many support the financing of its companies in this way. The headquarters of the Crypto Valley Association, which is also known as the “Encryption Valley” in the country, has more than 100 members in the Swiss business (individuals and institutions).n
However, Bertani said it is “almost impossible” to find good distributed ledger developers because ICO companies, which have enough funds, tend to attract salaried developers.n
In February last year, it was reported that Switzerland had further enhanced its attractiveness to potential enterprises. To achieve this goal, the Swiss Federal Council announced that it will lower access barriers in the financial technology market with the aim of further enhancing the competitiveness of the Swiss financial center.n
In the past, Switzerland had said bitcoin sent a message to the world that it aimed to lead the future of technology. With the rapid expansion of the financial technology industry, the Swiss Federal Council said in February that some business models in the future may need to be regulated to adjust, adding:n
nDue to the ever-changing digitization process in the financial sector, especially in the area of ​​blockchain, it can be argued that the extent to which business models will be developed will not be imagined today. The Federal Council will also pay close attention to these developments in the future and make swift regulatory changes as necessary.n

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