Another bad news! The NYSE’s parent company, bitcoin exchange Bakkt announced the extension line

It is understood that the New York stock exchange parent company Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) Bakkt bitcoin futures trading platform will delay line.

Bakkt on Tuesday announced in August by the company blog, released the first product has been postponed to January 24, 2019 officially launched. It is expected that the Bakkt encryption currency trading and storage business will start on this day.

The platform explained: “the new on-line schedule will be for customers and clearing members before entering this new contract transaction and warehousing services to provide extra time.”

In a statement released by the Medium platform, bitcoin futures trading platform Bakkt CEO Kelly Roy Fuller (Kelly Loeffler) to further explained the delay. She said the company received on the platform of “interest” and “all parts ready for the work required, are caused by one of the reasons for the delay.

She added:

“Often appear like product release as in the case of a new process, and risk mitigation measures requires repeated testing, and in the crypto currency in this case, these resources are being applied to a new asset class. Therefore, the adjustment of our schedule is meaningful.”

The Bakkt is expected to launch a crypto currency futures business in the next month, and said in a statement, will launch the product in December 12th. At present, the new launch date is still subject to regulatory approval, which indicates that this platform may not be approved.

The platform had previously revealed that it will launch the real settlement bitcoin futures, which means that customers will receive bitcoins at expiration, rather than bitcoin cash equivalents.

However, Loeffler suggested that the company provides services may be just the bitcoin futures. Later she noted in her blog, “we will seize the opportunity, in the initial stage, expand our product.”

“In the next few weeks we will share more information about these new features, but as a start, I am pleased to announce that we have for bitcoin in cold storage to provide insurance, and is to provide insurance for the hot wallet Bakkt warehouse within the framework,” she said.

She said, the company focused on establishing a mechanism of encryption currency warehouse, and added, “we…… I believe that this is an important step in the establishment of such assets in terms of confidence.”

As part of the development of this product to the Bakkt had previously announced with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Microsoft (Microsoft) and Starbucks (Starbucks) cooperation. The company provides customer experience and risk management with the help of Bakkt.

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