Another blockchain ETF listed

nRunaway comment: NYSE Arca listed Exchange Fund NextGen Protocol, and has started trading. This fund tracks well-known companies related to the blockchain industry or technology development. The demand for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has spurred the emergence of a group of related investment products, although the most traded exchange-traded funds are not sure where to go public.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Another exchange-traded fund (ETF) went public, with the core of the fund being companies involved in the blockchain industry or exploring blockchain applications.n
Innovation Shares LLC’s NextGen Protocol (ticker symbol: KOIN) is listed on the NYSE Arca. As of press time, NYSE price data shows that the transaction has started. At 9:46 a.m., trading volume is displayed at 2,100 and the price per share is $ 24.88.n
The company that backed the ETF said it uses artificial intelligence to track well-known companies, with a focus on “the current or future focus on blockchain technology from the economic perspective.”n
Innovation Shares Managing Director Matt Markiewicz said:n
n”Our proprietary process is based on artificial intelligence and is being patented to allow us to better capture the companies that are developing, investing or utilizing this new agreement.”n
nAn ETF provider, Exchange Traded Concepts, advises the fund.n
Innovation Shares Listing is the latest investment product to capitalize on the technology’s interest and hype.n
CoinDesk reported that the first blockchain-based ETF was listed on Nasdaq and NYSE Arca earlier this month. A large number of ETF applications came after the fall of 2017, including those that are currently traded.n
The needs of traditional investors also led to the creation of futures contracts specifically for the Bitcoin market. It is unclear whether they will get the much-anticipated ETF market.n

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