APEC boost Internet banking internationalization issues

APEC boost Internet banking internationalization issues

In just the end of the 2014 APEC summit, “Internet financial internationalization” has become a hot topic. All participants in the Internet financial innovation model of Chinese showed great interest, and hope that the China Internet financial model is more open, in line with international financial services, global enterprises jointly boost economic development.

The financing has been facing the APEC economies of small and middle enterprises, one of the APEC in recent years the focus of the small and medium-sized enterprises is to explore new ways of financing. In recent years, the Internet financial Chinese spawned a series of new A new force suddenly rises., mode of P2P network lending, investment financing, China Internet banking is not to resist the potential to attract the attention of the world.

The total amount of New Zealand John? Based at the summit said that changed today banking environment, in the provision of financial services, more and more large role played by the Internet, the Alibaba is a good example. “Chinese online trading platform can provide financial services, the successful case this gives us more confidence.” APEC Secretary General Alan Bollard expressed the hope that the whole world can share the experience of Internet financial Chinese. Thailand’s finance minister SommaiPhasi said firmly, must as soon as possible to promote Thailand enterprises to learn internet financial innovation of the Chinese.

In this regard, letter financial network CEO Sheng Jia said, the most concerned about how to continue to increase APEC China influence in the Asia Pacific region, for the Internet financial enterprises, should pay attention to how to take out for more international customer service.

“The great revolution of Internet financial industry, so that small and micro enterprises to participate in international competition in the market to.” Dunhuang network founder, CEO Wang Shutong said, Chinese in the integration of the supply chain and help small and micro enterprises relying on the big data Internet finance has been walking in the forefront of the world. The future in the trade as the core to integrate more financial services, the Internet will finance a new mode of leading global financial services industry a new round of reform.

“From P2P to raise the public to pay, the net financial are involved, internationalization is the trend of the future,” Sheng Jia said, with China economic growth, and promote the internationalization of the RMB, financial services will rapidly to other countries radiation, we hope that the spring will be the Internet financial business promotion to other countries and regions in fact, there has been a lot of worldwide users, hope the future will be more.

According to the reporter found that the net financial letter in early January this year has been opened in the United States of San Francisco station, the official launch of the U.S. market expansion. This is the station is the first domestic Internet financial enterprises overseas. Sheng Jia said, internationalization is the future development direction of net financial letter. “There have been many international users within the letter of actual Internet, hope that the future will be more.”

“Although the Internet financial development in many foreign countries has been very mature, such as the development mode of the United States Japan and other countries there are many places you can learn. However, the different national situation will lead to the Internet development model can not be generalized, according to the characteristics of the economic development of countries also need to have the option of experience.” One participant said, early Internet financial internationalization, conducive to global economic development.

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