APMEX, a large gold exchange, started accepting bitcoin

nBankruptcy Commentary: CME announced the listing of bitcoin futures and other good news, the Bitcoin price soared, attracting a large number of investors. Many large organizations have also started to accept bitcoin. On February 8, APMEX announced that it will accept Bitcoin through a partnership with payment processor BitPay. Than through a small discount, increase the new features of the heat. However, the voice that has been seen as a bubble has always existed.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
One of the largest online gold dealers announced that they will accept bitcoin.n
On December 8, APMEX announced it will accept cryptocurrencies via its partnership with payment processor BitPay. Buy with bitcoin can also enjoy a small discount, increase the heat of new features.n
Company statement:n
n”APMEX has been the industry leader for more than 15 years and is adapting to the growing customer base along the way. As bitcoin continues to be widely accepted as a payment method, we are pleased to be using bits in gold, silver and other precious metal purchases Bitcoin, the company website will provide BitPay access. “n
nPrecious metals traders have embraced cryptocurrencies in recent years, including the start of Bitcoin by Sharps Pixley in September.n
In fact, the notion of “bitcoin as digital gold” has attracted some sectors in its industry, as well as some participants in the field of mining. On the other hand, some people in the field of gold investment, including well-known investor John Hathaway, openly oppose the cryptocurrency market.n
He said in September that “it was definitely a bubble, and I no doubt thought it was a bubble.”n

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