Apple approved iOS game game player with bitcoin reward

Apple approved iOS game game player with bitcoin reward

Apple Corp has approved the retro style iOS game rewards game player with bitcoin, recently will launch the service in the iTunes store.

There is a game called SaruTobi, the user through the swing in the vine monkey, collect items and coins in the air. Developer Christian Moss told CoinDesk: “the SaruTobi is actually the Japanese” monkey fly “game. Collect user floating in the jungle of bitcoin.” Moss said that he thought in the design of the game, adding bitcoin. He thinks this is a good way to bitcoin is introduced to people familiar with it.

The iOS game has three main objectives, to achieve the maximum distance, collect bitcoins and collect letters to unlock the next SARUTOBI. But bitcoin reward from the game sharing bitcoin wallet, known as “pot”, the game generates revenue (from the purchase application and advertising) into bitcoin, and added to the pot.

Users play a certain time after the game, the game will reward users to use bitcoin, said reward. Game player can view the current pot in bitcoin, bitcoin is more a reward more game player. However, the focus of the game to game player to accept bitcoin reward, but to reward the game player to play the game.


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