Apple deal or open bitcoin trading portal

Apple deal or open bitcoin trading portal

Apple Corp released the latest app store is likely to break the rules, the bitcoin and other electronic money for a long time limit. Wrote in the latest details of the “buy and money”: Apple will support the “virtual currency used in accordance with state and federal laws of the transaction”. This release is in the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 2014), Apple Corp will usually announced important statement about the customers and business in this annual meeting.

As early as 2012, apple and bitcoin to draw a line, delete the Blockchain and BitPak wallet from the app store in 2013, and removed the Coinbase bitcoin wallet application.

BitPak developers said that apple is the reason given by bitcoin in all jurisdictions are not legitimate. The wallet application users can still use these applications installed on the apple before deleting, but cannot update, suffer inconvenience and loss.

Apple ban a shadow to bitcoin application of mongolia. Apple’s iOS system for North American Mobile Internet market 65%. Earlier this year, Blockchain and other company affected by Gliph in the blog on Apple expressed doubts. Against Apple’s movement reached a peak in February, fanatical bitcoin enthusiasts organized destruction Apple device activities.

Recently bitcoin developers on Apple’s ban take a very subtle way to their bitcoin service platform to upload. Although users and developers are struggling to fight, but also need more policies to determine whether bitcoin “recognized”. Under the new rules of “legal requirements” under the apple promised to “meet the user’s requirements in various areas of the law” and “developers hope to understand and abide by”. This apple may launch new products to meet the new changes.

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