Apple doesn’t like to talk about meta universe, but it’s crazy about AR / VR

2021 can be said to be a metacosmic year. Roblox, a concept stock related to metauniverse, was listed in the United States on March 10, 2021, and the meta universe has gradually come into our attention. Some people look at the metauniverse very much and call it “the next generation Internet”. A lot of big guys have been making rational arrangements for the meta universe, and they want to be the first person to eat crabs. Meta also immediately changed its name and announced that it would transform from a social media enterprise to a meta universe company in the future.
The development trend of Google popularity in meta universe
Other big men also have different levels of reasonable layout. Tencent officially opens the way of crazy shopping in the meta universe. In April, NVIDIA’s graphics card announced that Omniverse, a virtual operation platform called “meta universe of technical engineers”, will be released for the company’s simulation and collaboration platform. Big guys are in the meta universe industry has big action, market competition slowly into increasingly fierce. Many enterprises are vigorously carrying out the relevant business processes, hoping to master the outlet of the meta universe.
Apple’s shares have soared nearly 20% in the past month, with a total market value of $294 million. The reason for the increase depends on Wall Street’s feeling that iPhone sales are tight, Apple’s investment model is included in Apple’s vehicles, and Apple’s rumor that Apple will launch AR / VR devices in the metauniverse in 2022.
Apple’s stock market in the past month
So what is the reasonable layout of apple, which is the first in total market value?
In fact, Apple has not publicized the rational layout of the AR / VR industry chain, but also applied for a large number of related patents. According to a report by the news agency, insiders have revealed that Apple has been working hard to develop AR / VR devices, which will initially be available in 2022 or recruitment interviews in 2023. Guo Mingqi, an investment analyst at Tianfeng securities, announced that Apple will release the AR / VR head display in the fourth quarter of 2022. Many signs indicate that Apple’s AR / VR device is coming soon.
Forecast and analysis of main products at present stage
According to a report by the news agency, apple is currently developing two devices: one is a VR device with internal number “n301”, which has the ability to watch movies, mobile games and interpersonal communication. It may be launched in 2022 at the beginning; The other is ar glasses with internal code “n421”, which is still at the bottom of system science research at this stage. It may be released in 2023.

On November 26, 2021, Guo Mingqi announced a report that Apple will release ar head display in the fourth quarter of 2022. Apple’s ar head display will be equipped with flagship integrated IC and sony4k mirco OLED display with features comparable to M1. The overall goal is to replace iPhone within 10 years, and the estimated delivery will exceed 1 billion units.
The results report shows that Apple’s ar head display must carry out 6-8 aperture real-time electro-optical solution, the calculation rate requirement is much higher than that of iPhone, so it will use MAC class CPU. The AR head display may be equipped with two integrated ICs, one high-end (MAC class CPU) and one medium and low-end one.
At present, most of the integrated IC used in AR head display are mobile integrated IC according to the SOC design scheme of mobile phone. For example, the integrated IC of XR2 series products of Qualcomm chip has been used in popular ar head display, and the characteristics of XR2 integrated IC of Qualcomm chip are about the middle of snapdragon processor 865 and snapdragon 888. Once Apple’s ar head display selects the integrated IC whose features are close to M1, then the computing rate of Apple’s ar head display may lead the industry by a large margin, so the jobs that can be measured or used will be more common.
In addition, the AR head display will be able to run independently on mobile phones and computers, which is suitable for various applications. It will no longer be a small video game console, but can also be used for AR and VR functions at the same time. Apple’s overall goal of replacing the iPhone with an AR head display is now obvious, but there is still a long way to go. The key factor lies in the fact that the AR head display is not popularized at this stage, and its versatility is far from that of intelligent machine. Although the overall goal is long, Apple’s decision is very firm. In addition to Tim Cook’s own statement, Apple’s reasonable layout in the patent industry and project investment industry is very active.
Shopping crazily while applying for patents
According to the incomplete statistical analysis of zinc industry chain, there are more than 20 AR / VR related elite teams in Apple’s M & A, and more than 400 AR / VR patents have been published.
The zinc industry chain previously sorted out the key progress of Apple ar products from three aspects: Commodity forecast analysis, key technology and app green ecology
Image recognition: in 2013, apple recycled primesense, an elite team that studies 3D fitness capture, which has developed and designed the world’s smallest 3D sensor. According to the patent issued by the British patent office in 2021, apple is applying for a patent to complete eye and motion tracking according to 3D projection technology. According to this patent, AR glasses can be used for image recognition. In addition, Apple also applied for a patent for predicting the position of objects in front of them according to fixation data.
For face recognition, Apple has previously recycled faceshift, emotient, realface, regaind, perception and other elite teams of new technologies for face recognition, As early as September 2017, when Apple announced the iPhone x, it had already gradually selected 3D structured light scheme for 3D face recognition (face ID) in the front camera. Therefore, apple even cancelled the home key. Therefore, Apple also applied for a patent to identify ar device players based on face ID.
Apple has recycled wifislam, flyby media and indoor In the patent pool of Apple’s AR / VR, there are also technical patents such as accurate positioning and restoration of 3D sound field according to the sound frequency of indoor space, accurate positioning of indoor space based on ultrasound, and accurate positioning of many people at the same time.
Apple recycled metaio, a French ar company, in May 2015. Metaio is an enterprise dedicated to mobile AR applications. It developed and designed an application software, so that customers can see the virtual IKEA furniture in the customer’s home and its appearance. In addition, customers can visit the site of the Berlin Wall in the virtual world.
In late 2015, apple recycled faceshift, a company that makes facial drawing software. Faceshift has the technology of using the monitoring camera to analyze the face in real time. It can be used to build animation virtualization technology body. “Star Wars: Awakening of the force” animation special effects elite team is the application of faceshift technology to make its alien biological mask look more realistic.
Apple also used to recycle primesense, an African company. The company makes fitness inspection cameras that are technically used in the first Kinect camera on the Xbox. This kind of image recognition is very important for AR devices because they don’t have typical handheld control boards. For example, Microsoft’s hololens can identify actions to navigate the bar and its interface.
Table 1 part of Apple’s AR / VR related recycling or corporate mergers and acquisitions
AR / vrapp green ecology
Apple’s rational layout in the AR / vrapp field can be said to be the beginning, the clearest and the large-scale operation. Back in 2017, Apple announced arkit, an ar software development tool for unity and unreal modules, at WWDC 2017 At the 2021 apple world Developers Conference, Apple has already upgraded this special tool to the fifth version number of arkit 5. In addition, it also announced new ar functions such as AR maps, object capture and realitykit 2.
Apple ar maps
According to Apple’s official website, there are more than 10000 IOS applications for AR at this stage. According to the zinc industry chain, Apple has been speeding up its rational layout in both information and patent aspects in the past two years. According to the incomplete statistical analysis of the zinc industry chain, Apple has won more than 90 patents in 2021. According to the incomplete statistical analysis of Zhidong, Apple has obtained 11 patents related to AR head display only in 2021.
Summary of patent information related to AR glasses obtained by apple in 2021
Tim Cook doesn’t like to talk about the meta universe much, he prefers to call it AR / VR
In the recent metacosmic boom. Tim Cook doesn’t like meta universe very much, but it doesn’t harm Apple’s investment in AR industry. The news that apple is about to release AR / VR head display has been well received in the industry for a long time, and information has been released since last year. At the same time, the definition of the next meta universe is popular. The release of several heavyweight information content of Apple’s AR / VR head display shows undoubtedly that Apple has a good and reasonable layout in the AR industry.
No matter when the era of the meta universe comes, there is no doubt that there will be no shortage of apples. In the past five years, Tim Cook has expressed his loyalty to AR / VR 15 times in public. He thinks that AR / VR will be Apple’s next business process breakthrough point. At this stage, Apple has already invested thousands of people in the R & D Department of AR / VR industry.
Apple expects to boost VR / AR industry chain again
AR / VR devices may be Apple’s next secret weapon. Guo Mingqi stressed in the report that Apple’s ar head top display has three advantages compared with other competitors: it has MAC level computing ability, and can operate independently, without relying on MAC or iPhone and its applicability, rather than limited to special use.
In addition to the top display of the AR / VR head, apple is likely to release the AR / VR headset by the end of 2022 or early 2023, according to the report. By 2025, AR glasses may be available. Apple’s overall goal is to replace the iPhone with AR / VR devices 10 years ago. At this stage, the iPhone has more than one billion active customers. This also means that in 10 years, apple enterprises will sell at least 1 billion AR / VR devices.
At present, there is no conclusion about the price. Some news media have indicated that due to the high-end technology, the ex factory price of the product is about 2000-3000 US dollars (12752-19129 yuan RMB). Guo Mingqi indicates that the market price of the device is very likely to be similar to that of the high-end iPhone, which is about 1000 US dollars (6376 yuan RMB).
Apple is now behind other enemies
Now, apple missed the changes in 2016, missed the second wave of AR / VR devices in 2020, and missed the meta universe boom in 2021. During this period, other manufacturers released relevant products or “painted pancakes” to investors in time, such as meta enterprise’s “pancake” of meta universe.
In 2014, meta enterprises acquired oculus, set foot in the AR / VR industry chain, and continuously released iteration related products. At the end of 2015, Xiaomi mobile phone established a exploration laboratory, and invested key funds in new directions such as virtual reality technology and service robots.
In 2016, Xiaomi released two types of VR glasses, a 49 yuan small toy version VR and a 199 yuan latest version VR. However, this kind of small VR box, which is similar to Google card board in the early stage, must be inserted into the mobile phone, and the small toy VR with relatively high calculation level on the mobile phone must be inserted.
Vivo also announced vivo VR in Beijing water cube in November 2016, and Huawei also announced Huawei VR in April 2019. The market price of Huawei VR is 599 yuan. It is suitable for 2K screen resolution, 95 ° FOV and adjustable 0-700 degree myopia.
In May 2018, Xiaomi released the VR all-in-one mobile phone of Xiaomi published by oculus, which is called VR novice entry-level product. Xiaomi Leijun showed at that time that Xiaomi mobile phone and oculus cooperated in product development for one and a half years before they owned this product.
In September 2019, Huawei released a VR device named Huawei VR glass. This VR device with a three-stage folded loop design and a net weight of only 166 grams is approved as the VR glasses shape in the true sense because of its lightweight and short product structure design.
Huawei VR glass equipment
And meta is constantly taking advantage of the situation in the AR / VR equipment industry. Since March 2014, Facebook recovered oculus with $2 billion in cash and individual shares. In 2016, oculus announced oculus rift CV1. In October 2020, oculus released oculus Quest 2 with a market price of $299. As soon as the product was released, it won many five-star high praise. In addition to its relatively inexpensive price, hardware and software updates, smooth picture quality and little dizziness have become the selling points of its products. Many VR / AR device websites have listed oculus Quest 2 as the first VR / AR device.
Meta’s investment in VR / AR has also made profits. The revenue of meta in the virtual reality technology related industry chain is growing steadily, whether it is hardware configuration, app or mobile game revenue. Meta sold 1.4 million oculus Quest 2 devices in the fourth quarter of 2020. Based on its market price of $300, oculus Quest 2 generated a total of US $420 million in revenue. Meta generated $28.1 billion in revenue in the first quarter, and oculus Quest 2 accounted for about 1.5% of meta’s annual revenue in the first quarter.
In terms of initiative, Apple has fallen behind a lot. But Apple has always announced confident and perfect products. We hope that at that time, apple can shock everyone and become a great white shark in VR / AR equipment industry.

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